Thursday, November 4, 2010

Building a Birth Plan

Ok, so I had a doctors appointment on Wednesday, a basic check-up to measure and listen to the heart beat. I figure, especially seen as how our class on Tuesday was about building a birthing plan, I might as well be asking him some questions. I was nervous because I don't want to be asking a bunch of questions the he sees as unnecessary. I figured from our previous conversations he would be aware of our wishes to have a natural childbirth. I guess in some aspects I am confused about some things. Especially when the doctor says one thing and turns around to say another.

First things first. 
Heart beat is steady and sounding great!!! Don't remember the rate though...
Measuring at 34.5 cm! The doctor had to come in to double check! (though he does that with most the students on rotation) Maybe Nikolai might be here earlier than the 16th! Maybe he will come on the 9th! How cool would that be, for him to arrive the day Brandon proposed!!!

Ok, now the nitty gritty.
Putting together what we want for an ideal birth is extremely difficult. I feel regardless of these classes, I have no idea what to expect. How can I plan on something if I have no idea what my body is going to do. Will there be problems? Will Nikolai be breeched and have to undergo a Cesarean? I don't want that and Brandon doesn't want that.  But best case common are those anyway? Sure, people tell me what they went through, but everyone's experience is so different! It really doesn't help me expect anything when it comes to my labor and delivery. And everyone I know didn't go natural. That tends to change things too... Hmm....

So the first question on my list is about food. It's not top priority for labor during 1st stage, but it is one that I figured would be the most to discuss. I don't want an IV and the doctor understands that, if it turns out I may need one (dehydration), or based on another necessity, then we will have one. But to prevent the dehydration, I want to know if I can eat and drink lightly during first stage. He tells me no. In case I need to undergo Cesarean, I cannot be eating. He cannot let me eat. I think it is more a CYA type situation, and I can respect that. Don't want difficulty and a possibility of something really bad happening if he let me do something that has adverse reactions. But then we continue on to talk about it some more. In an ideal situation, if I stop progressing we want to utilize natural augmentation techniques, so he says I can shower, maybe eat some food. ...Wait ... What?!?

Ok, so this is what has me really confused! First he tells me I cannot eat and drink lightly (well small, sips of water), but then tells me I can eat some food if I am not progressing. So then if I can eat food when not progressing, why would I not be able to eat food during 1st stage labor progression? I am not talking a full course meal of meat, potatoes, and heavy vegetables; I am saying granola, crackers, a honeystick, something to keep my blood sugar levels from dropping. I don't want to get sick because I have had no nourishment. Its a wonder some women get tired during active labor (thus requiring assistance). They don't have the calories in their systems to sustain the energy they need to push!

The rest of what we wish for during birth is not a problem. Intermittent fetal monitoring, limited exams, ability to walk around. Even waiting before clamping and cutting the cord. We discussed natural augmentation instead of the use of pitocin, no epidural or pain meds (unless I ask for it), and all that is fine. He even suggested the doctor he uses for his own kids to complete the after birth part of the plan!  Just the food thing has me confused. At least he acknowledged my questions as valid. "They are all great questions," he tells me.  If something outside ideal were to take place, we would discuss it when it happens. I do have faith in my doctor, I just don't want anything outside ideal to happen. And I don't want the slightest crossover to warrant unnecessary pain meds, pitocin or whatever else they decide they think I may need...

He said a plan is more for the use of the hospital staff. Something they can use to pair us up with a nurse that is ok, even excited, about how we want the birth of Nikolai to go. It seems a little stressful to make something that will be at the approval of the doctor. If the doctor approves, then the hospital will most likely approve too, right?