Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Friend's Wedding

This Friday was Troy and Victoria's Wedding! Congratulations to the new married couple! It was a fun event and I got to dance (quite a bit!) with my husband. Though I did not get any pictures during the ceremony because I was controlling the video camera and the person I gave my camera to did not take any pictures, what I did get turned out rather nicely. Maybe I can get some of the photographer's pictures of Brandon in the wedding party later during the ceremony, and of us dancing together. That is if the photographer got any of us... Their wedding was lovely, at the Z Mansion downtown.

That day I had to work and got home a little later because of the craziness that ensued  while subbing! The poor teacher was sick and asked one of her coworkers to create a sub plan for me, which was written in 5 minutes! We had most of the work done by 9 am! By that time it was recess, then an hour later they had lunch, specials, an assembly, then a marble party (earning a marble from specials and behaving really well!). Only to discover that the parent that was to be in charge of the marble part did not show up. The kids got two cookies, no juice and watched a movie reading the story Where the Wild Things Are.  I stayed to discuss the day with the teacher who wrote the lesson plans for me and to use the bathroom.  So I was late getting home and didn't get to take some pictures of the wedding party. I did discover that my blow dryer does not really heat up anymore (I guess it is too old), and I wold have preferred a larger diameter curling iron to obtain the look I wanted for my new hair cut.

I was told by a PI aide that between Tuesday and Friday it looked like the baby dropped! It might be because of the long walk to the cafeteria to drop the kids off. But anything to help! Even Victoria said between the rehearsal on Thursday and the wedding on Friday night, it looked like he dropped! It says in most the stuff I have read that 'dropping' occurs mostly between 4 weeks to the due date! Maybe he will come by the 9th instead of the 16th? I will be keeping my fingers crossed!

So I like the way my husband looks in a tux! Too bad I don't get to see him in one more often!

 The two of us together. Brandon in his tux and me in my pencil skirt. I got some black tights to help keep my legs warm that night since it was supposed to get down to 39 degrees! Later I changed into black pants. It was just too cold.

The lovely couple! The colors were beautiful, the food was delicious, and the two of them were beaming! I am so happy for them!

So here is a glimpse of the set up for the ceremony. The colors were pretty.  The lights around the tree created this wonderful winter-like ambiance, and the garden was serene. Both Brandon and I enjoyed it.

The steps the girls had to walk down. I do not envy them that! I remember doing a staircase it high-heels!

The center piece on the groomsmen's table. Very winter/fall-like festiveness!

After the wedding we were invited to Troy and Travis' Grandmother's house. Granted the Bride and Groom were not there... They did this pencil trick that supposedly is extremely accurate with their family. You place a sewing pin/needle on the end of a pencil (into the eraser) and thread the eye. Dangle the pencil over the person's left wrist, over the vein. The pencil will stop moving, then begin moving in either a line following the vein to predict a boy, or a circle to predict a girl. It will do this in order of first to last child, stopping after each movement and beginning again (depending on how many children you will have). Well, we decided to give it a try, if it said girl first, it definitely doesn't work! Well, Brandon did it first. It said boy, then a girl. After that it pretty much stopped. So then they decided to do that to me. It said boy, then a girl and stopped. So I guess according to the pencil prediction Brandon and I will have only two kids and our next one will be a girl. I guess, depending on when the second comes along, we will see whether or not it is correct!