Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 1st... 15 days to go...

And a daily countdown begins! (at least in my head it does...)

Doctor's appointment yesterday went well. The heart beat is good and he was still head down! Yay! Plus the Doctor thinks that he will not return to a breeched position. I sure hope that he is right! I go in again next week to determine if there has been any dilation, effacement, and the station of the Nikolai. Hopefully he is moving down! 

And I wound up accepting a job for today.  I am wondering if I should have accepted it. (I didn't realize my days were not blocked off yet, I forgot to do so)...I guess as long as I don't have to walk the kids to the cafeteria I should be ok, and Brandon wont be mad at me for working (last time I felt awful afterward). Starting at 10:30, who knows what will be needed...

So the doctor's appointment! Yay that he is still head down. I am getting use to the feeling of having his rear up near my ribs. I am getting familiar with the difference between that and what his head felt like being there. It is different. Not to mention the feeling of his little feet moving is different too, going up and down, side to side... Contractions have started back up again late yesterday since the external cephalic version. Maybe that will help to instill his staying put and moving further down to a lower station. I sure hope so. I am so excited! It's the first of December and Brandon has told Nikolai he can come out now. Just needed to wait till the first, now it is just a waiting game of when he decides he is ready to be born! :)

We also had our "last" childbirthing class last night. A potluck, going over newborns, breastfeeding and reviewing emergency childbirth situations. It was a relaxing night with good food, and I feel kinda sad that if we go next week, not everyone will be there. I will miss those couples. Our instructor has opened up the following two Tuesdays for more relaxation practice and going over more information. One couple is due tomorrow (wishing her luck) and we are due in two weeks, another is due on Christmas day. Maybe we will make it to the one next week, but I am hoping that the possibility of us not being there is a great possibility.

I decided to work today because I figure the walking and standing will help keep Nikolai head down, but also that gravity may help him lower the station. Maybe it will help contractions become more consistent and stronger. It is only 3 hours of work, and I am pretty sure I will be able to stand that. If not, then I have learned my lesson and the remainder of the month will be blocked off. At least it gives us a little more than if I were not to have worked. I did not have to walk the kids down to the cafeteria, and I only really had them for about an hour and a half. What an easy day! Brandon wasn't mad because I didn't have to walk the kids to the cafeteria (it is such a long walk, tiring and almost a little painful), and I even got to make a trip to the bank afterward. Hurray for multiple accomplishments in one outing!

Now I am tired. even the three hours there made me tired. I think I a definitely done working. Sadly, as I enjoy being there, I will miss it. But, until next year... and for now... I will be just sitting and waiting. The part that drags by, the waiting.... 15 days to go... Oh, I hope he comes soon!