Thursday, April 28, 2011

Push Ups

I was getting Nikolai ready for bed when he decided he wasn't ready. He wanted to do some push ups first. It was pretty cute because his body was so wobbly and he was making little grunting noises because it was taking a lot of work. He is a strong little boy!

We were in the rocker. I had just finished feeding him from one side and was burping him to get him ready for the other side so that way we could start our stories. He decided that while I was burping him he was going to stand. That makes for difficulty in burping him so I decided to let him do what he wanted for a little bit, and besides, he tends to burp better when standing anyway.

He had his little feet on my thighs, supporting his little body not very stable, and was lifting his body off with his arms. It may have been a vertical push up, but it was still cute! His little body wibble wobbled while he was supporting his whole body with his hands, and he made these little grunting sounds on the wobble. His little face was so serious! He was focused and determined!

After he lowered himself back onto his tummy he looked at me with this big grin. I think he was proud of himself too! I am thinking that after a little while of doing these push ups on me, he will be doing them in a more horizontal position and perhaps even getting closer to crawling! :)

I am so proud of my little boy!