Friday, May 6, 2011

Room Transformation

Nikolai's room has been a hassle, though fun as it was, to transform from a craft/storage room to a nursery. It has taken us so many months to change it over, I think it has been fairly close to a year! Since we started moving things out a shortly after we discovered the pregnancy! But the room was a disaster before we started. I am a pack rat, Brandon is one too, and because we didn't rearrange things as we got them, the room became storage for random items. Since we have come closer to finishing the room, I am proud of the transformation and am sharing it with you...
Emptying the room of the junk that was in there took several different stages. Here is before removal:

Here is the next stage:

Here is the last bit:

Following the removal of items came sweeping, mopping and sealing the floor. I have to say that being in the third trimester, sweeping and mopping the floor is a major pain in the rear and back! Luckily I did not seal the floor. We were going to do two coats, but we only did one and I was at lunch with Beth that day. I think doing that work of sweeping and mopping (extensively as I don't think it had been done for a while) is what makes me really dislike saltillo tile, aside from the fact that it is really hard and not to mention extremely uneven! Then came painting. I thank Brandon for going and buying the paint. He surprised me with it one day, he said we would paint the room in October and that is what we did, the night before the family shower!

I will add that painting brick and cement block is extremely difficult. I don't think that it is possible to get it done completely. We used a roller and brushes and still missed some of the grooves between the bricks and the pores! But the end outcome still looks pretty darn decent!

The day of the shower, I think it was my dad that helped move the dresser/changer into the bedroom. Then it sat that way for a few months, with some items being placed there from the baby showers. Until February when we got the drapes for the room and Valentine's Day we finished putting up the drapes. Still wasn't finished though because we didn't yet get a glider, we wanted a toy box to place his toys in and needed the bedding set for the crib.

As of 5-6-11 the room is finally completed! That and I have finally gotten around to taking pictures of it. I spent a lot of today going through and boxing up the clothes that no longer fit Nikolai. It was a sad thing. He is growing fast, the clothes were so cute, and he will never wear them again. I will post these last few pictures of his room...