Sunday, August 14, 2011

Official Transcripts...

They are my enemy. Why we need them is beyond me. It's not like I don't have work experience. I should have ordered them a year ago after we first graduated. I knew we were going to need them for getting a job, but given my circumstances (the pregnancy) I figured it would be a while before I would need them. And now, I need them...

I was looking online for teaching jobs open in different districts. What was open in Sahuarita is now closed. TUSD has not much available that I am qualified for besides aid and substitute positions (and i applied for a sub job in TUSD). Then I decided to look through Vail School District.

Remember the 1% Tax bill that passed, what was that Prop 100? It was to go to schools, fire department and the police department. Well, kindergarten was on hiatus during that time. Should they go part time, or full time? I remember teachers talking about how horrible it would be to go to part time if the bill did not pass. Who would want the part time position? So many teachers would loose their jobs!

Well, a school in Vail has a position for a part time kinder teacher! That is perfect! 4 hour work day (not including a whole lot of planning time), get to work and spend time with Nikolai! Not like an 8 hour work day (not including a whole lot of planning time). So I begin the application for the position, only to discover that I need my transcripts in order for the application to even be considered!  I am so kicking myself in the rear for this. I have to wait for my transcripts to come in the mail, and they wont even mail out until Tuesday (one week since the job posted).

Hopefully, the teachers I worked with were right and not many people want the half time teaching position. I guess I am really concerned because I really would like this job. I had a fiasco with the professional perspective questions (they got deleted and I had to rethink through all 7 of them).

Granted, yes, it is kindergarten. I had a few bad experiences in kinder. But then, I had some good experiences in kinder. I just think this would be good for me. 1 it is a teaching job (so I wont need to worry quite so much about my provisional certificate). 2 it is part time which is great for Nikolai. and 3 it is in Vail, their calendar! They get 3 weeks off in the end of September the beginning of October, 2 weeks in the end of December and 2 weeks in march. That does not count the many (4) 3 day weekends and their (1) 4 day weekends. The breaks are when you need them and there is enough time off to actually give you a brain break.
Ok, so transcripts should be in the mail by the end of the week to the beginning of next week (hopefully). Keep your fingers crossed for me!