Thursday, December 1, 2011

First Thanksgiving

And what a busy day! Nikolai let us sleep in a little bit, we played in bed for about an hour, got up and ate breakfast, made 3 dozen deviled eggs (that is 72 halves!), went to Brandon's Grandparent'e house for about 3 hours, went to my mom's until we were to leave for shopping at Babies-R-Us, then went home and to bed!

It was so nice sleeping in! I have to say that, after working and caring for a baby, I do miss those days where I can wake up and not need to get out of bed immediately. Brandon had gone to get our little man, who had woken us up, and brought him back to bed after a diaper change. I know people say not to do that, but we played, we didn't sleep. And that is always so much fun to do!

It was nice seeing family. Brandon's cousin, Rabecca and her husband Donald, with their three kids came down from California. The kids are getting so big especially their youngest!

We also got to meet Chris' Fiance, Ashley. She is really nice and they get married in May! So happy for them!

 Then we went to my mom's and got meet the new puppy. Mandy was sich and was put down, so my mom (or Alyssa) got a new puppy. Her name is May...

Nikolai took 3 steps by himself too! So impressed! Too bad we didn't have the camera ready! And he had so much food! Turkey, mashed potatoes, carrots, olives, dressing, fruit, pumpkin pie... I cannot remember what else.

After my moms, we left to go to Babies-R-Us to get the "Your Baby can Read" boxed set and the next size up carseat. Both were on sale for an awesome price. But, the line (to Toys-R-Us, the other was closed) went out the door and wrapped 3/4 of the way around the building. We decided we were not going to wait and if they still had those items tomorrow, then it was meant to be.

Well, Friday morning we left about 9/9:30 and drove to Babies-R-Us. They still had the boxed set, but no carseat. Well, after our purchase (which took no time at all because Babies-R-Us was not that busy) we decided to take a quick jaunt across the street and see if Toys-R-Us had the carseat. They had 2! I was so stoked! Got the car seat for about 50% of the cost! Awesome!

We went to Target on the way home, which was not that busy either (the one on Oracle), and got some Mega Blocks for 1/2 off too! That was awesome! We now have 4 people taken care of for gifts, and only a few left to go! Now, to just start decorating!

And a few more pics from that weekend...