Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Card Mini Albums

I found, through someone's pin on pinterest, this awesome DIY for creating a mini album of your wedding cards! Something Turquoise - DIY Mini Card Album and it is such a great idea! I used this tutorial to make one of our wedding cards and one of the cards from the Baby Shower for Nikolai!

It was so fun going through all the cards we received from our wedding the the baby shower! It was a nice reminder of how many people love and support Brandon and I. I got kind of emotional (silly hormones) and had to give a hug to my hubby when he got home! :)

I put our wedding invitation on the front, and am debating doing the date or anything else...

For Nikolai's I just used the cricut to cut out the lettering. Because I had 2 showers (one friends, one family) I just decided to put the year. No need for Nikolai's name, he was born that year. ;)

Used rings that are ment for storing cross-stitch floss. It worked out pretty well! I love how cute they look! And now, we can flip through them and reminisce if we ever have the urge to do so! I love to reminisce! LOL! At least now they are no longer sitting in a box! :)