Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy 4th!

Even though it is 3 days later. I love fireworks, hotdogs, hamburgers, cars and celebrating the wonderful Independence Day.

We have been to Brandon's parents church these last few years, and L. Baker usually brings her Chevy Suburban. It is about a '70 something, but don't you just love that paint job? So festive! I had to take a picture of it this time around!

So. There was a lot of cars at this show, Brandon did not enter his this year (he did last year). It's fun. You vote for your favorite car. This one was close to one that I think would be fun do fix up.
I don't know what kind of car the above one is, but the one to the left is a 1937 Ford 4 Door sedan, and I really like the suicide doors... Dreaming... Still haven't decided on the chop top or not yet...  But, I digress... :)

Later we went to visit some people from the Southern Arizona Old Time Fiddler's Assoc. with Brandon's family and ate some yummy food. Then we went over to Wylie's to light some fireworks and watch 'A' Mountain light theirs off. I had no idea, but the last three years have been funded by Desert Diamond Casino. Casino Del Sol lights works every 3rd and they are fun to watch (we missed them this year, but got to spend time with Richard and Brittany, nice people).

Nikolai was not so excited to have some fireworks lit and gone off close to his poor little ears. but then again it doesn't help that he is teething molers (ouch!). Here are some shots I got of Roman Candles.

I found some star shaped ice cube trays at Walmart. They were 2 for $0.98 and thought that would be so fun for this holiday! So I made some blue and red stars using juice. I thought it would be fun to put a red and blue star in sprite, but I used the Kool-aide instead because I forgot to ask Brandon to pick some up at the store.  But it was pretty fun! Not to mention the fun color change that happened after the ice started to melt! Too bad the kids didn't get to enjoy it...

it was a good holiday