Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The First Snow!

Our HouseAt our new house! This cannot go without being mentioned on here! We live in a desert! On Monday, 2-11-2013, we got snow out in Sahuarita/Vail area. Elevation is higher than in Tucson and the drive down Sahuarita to the house was incredible! We were being snowed on while we were heading south on the freeway. So cool to see and I am glad that I was not driving!

We decided to take a trip to the house to get the heat on a little bit and run the water. Paranoia about having to fix some pipes is not a bad thing. Though I am pretty sure that everything is ok. I am just glad that we decided to go out there because it was beautiful! I am so glad that I had my camera with me to take some pictures. I am extra glad that I bought a new bag to double as a camera bag/purse so I had my camera for moments such as these. Once we get fully moved over and I can craft again I am going to make a padded section for my camera.  

side of road down Kolb
Along the side of the road down Kolb
When we got to the gate of our property (wow, kind of cool... our property), I had to take a picture. I love that first drive to the house. I like the feel of it as I pull in closer to the house. And with the snow, it was even more amazing. Maybe it was just a cool way to see our new house, especially because of the fact that snow out here in the desert does not happen with a whole lot of frequency.

Annie and NikolaiI think that Annie was pretty happy that she came with us to see the house. She got to see snow too! Nikolai loved it, once he got into some form of realizing that it was not rain. He started saying, "snowman" while we were driving to the new house. It was pretty cute! :)

I love his face in this picture. It was before he was set down and actually felt how cold it was. He was fairly intrigued by it, just not enough to touch it or move from the place where Annie put him down.
Last picture I have to show you is part of our amazing view! Though, it is more a view of snow! :)
While we were at the house we also put together Nikolai's toddler bed. It is an "Elmo Bed!", much to Nikolai's excitement. He had to run around in circles saying that over and over for a good amount of time. He had to touch every piece we put together. I was scared we were going to loose pieces! But this is another story for another time. I just need to remember to make a note to share it with you. We are hoping to be able to stay in the house on Thursday night. :)
Until next time... :)