Friday, March 15, 2013

The Need to Craft

I feel as if I am going to go crazy! I have taken two scary naps today because I just sat down and passed out! Them being scary because Nikolai was up and awake. The first one he managed to dump left over cereal onto the floor. The second one he had managed to get into the candy container on the counter and sneak out a werther's original. But after a week with 2 stressfull IEPs, prep/planning and having a formal observation, and still trying to get stuff unpacked, I feel that I need to just do something that doesn't involve work, cleaning, unpacking and is just fun. I need to be creative and to be crafty!
I do not have the space right now to do anything:
          1. Everything is still in boxes
          2. I cannot get to the boxes that I know what is in them
          3. The stuff in the way is too heavy for me to move.
I really dislike having boxes that are not labelled and when I go to open them they have nothing to do with the room they are in. It is stressfull. I would much rather unpack a box in the room it belongs in that have to walk each item back and forth across the house... Talk about exhausting!
That is the current status of the craft room. I am a wee bit agitated right now. Sure I could work on unpacking the kitchen, but I need a break from the kitchen...
I cannot wait until I can actually use this room! :)
Scary, isn't it? I am embarassed to show this picture. But, I will be happy when I can finally do have a craft room I can use! I have started unpacking things today (more than I had before). I emptied 3 boxes from this room today, yay.
One thing I have discovered from this... It is hard to go through the moving process when pregnant, sick, and taking care of a toddler. Thank goodness for a little more energy this weekend.. But obviously not if I just passed out twice today!
This week is spring break! Yay! Maybe I will accomplish something! I sure hope so! :) Looking forward to this next week off, then we are on the long haul to the end of the year! Almost done! Yay!
4 more months till baby girl is here! Crazy how that time has just flown by! 23 weeks in and about 117 days to go (give or take a couple weeks). I think I am due for another belly picture! :)