Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dinosaurs and the Fair

T-Rex headLast weekend I walked way too much! It took a toll on me and I was hurting on Monday and into Tuesday. But, Nikolai had fun and that was the whole purpose of last weekend! We were such tourists! :)
Friday I went fabric shopping! I got some fabrics from JoAnn's for a coworker's baby shower this past Friday! We shared the baby shower and I feel so thankful! The people I work with are amazing! It makes me sad to be leaving, but it is for good reasons. :) But I will do another post on that later. :)

We went to the Discover the Dinosaurs exhibit at the TCC that Saturday (4-20-13) and Nikolai loved it! Though he was terrified at first, did not want to be put down the entire time because they were "scary, BIG, Scary!" He was cute. He did not want to leave when it was time to go, but he was a tired little buddy. He is still talking about it even now! :)

We spent some time with Beth, Jordan, Thomas and Arlene later that day at Thomas' baseball game and then at Little Anthony's Diner for food and their car show.

Sunday (4-21-13) we went to the Pima County Fair to see the animals and quilts. This was the day that I spent way too much time walking. I started the day with Nikolai's diaper bag with two huge bottles of water for Brandon and I in it, and it was just too heavy for me. But it was a good trip too...

This weekend wasn't nearly as busy. Though we did visit with Bonnie and Annie on Friday after the baby shower with the coworkers... We (Amanda and I) both got some cute things. Our co-workers are amazing people, and I am feeling blessed to have been included in their baby celebration! :)
I will be doing another post on the blanket that I made for Amanda, shortly. :)