Tuesday, August 31, 2010

24 Weeks and Counting

I have been debating on starting this for quite some time now and primarily want it to document our lives once Nikolai is born. So now that I am 24 weeks in and nearly into the third trimester, I figure why not start it now?

We finally registered for our childbirth class and I am so thankful for having an option open to us to start and end the duration of the classes. Brandon and I had decided to go through birth completely natural. No epidural!! As crazy as that sounds, it is just the way we want it. So, after looking into the different options of child-birthing classes available to us, The Bradley Method is the best option. I am so excited for this class! Not only does it cover the stages of labor, but parenting and breastfeeding too! We start in 2 weeks! I can't wait for the information that the instructor has to give us!

Thankfully this second trimester has been much more kind to me than the first. Aside from the heartburn and tiredness, it has been great! Brandon saw the movement of my belly bump for the first time last night and his eyes went all kinda buggy. It was so funny I couldn't help but laugh! I had been trying to get his attention to see the movement, but each time he finally looked, Nikolai stopped. So he would get confused with my breathing and heartbeat moving my belly. It is so cool to watch! And to feel! Though, the other morning I sat up too abruptly and felt something in my rib! That was not a good feeling, and I sat there for a good few second saying "sorry baby". I don't think it hurt him, but still! If it hurt me... I felt so bad!

The baby's room still has a bit of junk in it and needs to be emptied out. We have been taking our time with it, but we don't have anything to put into the room yet! I just want to have the tile sealed and the 2 walls we can paint, painted before we start putting things into the room. It is a work in progress and will be for a while, I have a feeling... Instead, we are currently attempting to build a pond in the backyard and so far, so good. But still not ready for water yet. It looks good though!

3 weeks until my next appointment. This will mark the last of my once a month visits and onto twice a month visits. It's exciting, the transition into the third trimester!!! Each week we get closer!