Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Printable Alphabet Cards

If you don't recall, I had a post a while ago about Alphabet Flash Cards I made for Nikolai. And he really loves them!
Well, a family member requested that I scan in the cards so she could have them too. Maybe I should have offered to make them for her? But instead I canned them into the computer. I did not have an X at that point in time and thought this might give me an opportunity to create and X card. Though it is not a cricut card, it is still an X card...

Then I thought, I can create a document in word and then save it in PDF format so it can be printed! Lets face it, those cards get lots of love and abuse from little man and I am not entirely expecting them to last forever. The laminate is starting to come loose where the paper is the thickest on some. They also happen to be some that he plays with the most. :)  I am just glad that he likes them. :)
So, then I thought that I will make these available for download! Why not share the love of the alphabet cards? I am not super computer savvy. So these are by no means professional. I was just trying my absolute best just to figure out how to get them from a .jpg file into the word and remain the same size. I have not tested them out by printing yet, so if you decide to print them out let me know how they are so I can fix it!
So here it is! My best makeshift printable version of my cricut flashcards! :)

Printable Alphabet Flashcards
Enjoy! :)

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  1. Hi! Did you diy the lamination? What thickness? I'm in the process of making cards too!


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