Friday, April 10, 2015

Be Sew Busy: A Zipper Pouch Roundup

Have you experienced the amazing-ness that is the zipper pouch yet? They are incredibly handy, great for organization, and they are super easy to sew.

I have had a fascinations with zipper pouches for a while. I carry one for coins in my purse all the time. I have several lying around the house with their contents in constant rotation.

You can take any zipper, any shape of fabric, almost any pattern, and turn it into a zipper pouch! I think my favorite is like the Quilted Pencil Zipper Pouch I did for One Thimble.

I have a new fascination with feathers since the MOPs theme for the year and the messenger bag I made to carry my discussion group leader stuff. I wanted to do some type of feather and turn it into a zipper pouch but I decided to do something different... Stay tuned!

Here are some cool ones I have found floating around the web!

Techniques for making the perfect zippered pouch

Check out some more on my pinterest page for zipper pouches... Sew Busy: Zipper Pouches

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