Monday, April 30, 2012

So Starts The Busy Month of May...

Today is Arbor Day. I did not plant a tree, nor did I do a lesson with my kids about Arbor Day or just about trees or nature. Nope. Instead we did the fun and awesome "Math Quest" with 4th graders (it has people talking about it). There was an observation and I was nervous even though it wasn't me getting the formal observation, but still I knew there would be some informal notes or something thrown in there...

But instead I am looking at this busy month and thinking regrettably, "when will it end?" and it hasn't even started yet.

Saturday, April 28, 2012


What can I say? Nikolai really likes his crayons! He LOVES his crayons, especially to write on the wall with (no pictures for that though) so I try to keep him confined to his highchair when using his awesome, washable crayons! :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A PBnJ Sandwich

Nikolai enjoyed his peanut butter and jelly sandwich! Or I should more appropriately call it a walnut butter and preserves sandwich! :)  I have to say that the cinnamon walnut butter was actually pretty good! Not to mention it is a great way to get in Omega-3's, some healthy oils and fats, protein, and don't forget the fiber!  I need to make more!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sticker Organization!

I have been needing a better way to organize my scrapbook stickers. I have been using these containers, which seem to me more like page organizers for current projects (which is now what they are currently being used for). I was thinking something with tabs that I can put in my bookcase and see the categories that I have and can pull out what I want when I need it. But as I was walking through Target I realized I could probably do a binder and sheet protectors. That way they are all in one spot and I can grab what I want out of there when I need it. No need to be too complex.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Yeah, I found this pacifier pouch idea online while skimming through something;, I have no idea. But I loved it and immediately thought of one of my best friends that was supposed to have a baby at the end of March. (at the time it was spring break which was in the middle of March). So, I just had to try it! And, the best part was that it didn't take very long at all! I could totally knock out a ton of these in a day! :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hookin' a Clutch

Well, a crochet hook clutch that is...  I am so excited about this because I made it, by myself and without a real pattern. Umm.... actually, I did follow some things suggested in the tutorial over at Little Birdie Secrets, like the space between stitches for the hooks and needles, the button and loop... and that was about it.

Friday, April 13, 2012

A Bit of Crafts

I know I started this blog with all intention of documenting Nikolai's development, share growth, and all the fun things of a wonderful baby turning into the toddler and eventually growing into the person they will ultimately become. But I am feeling a bit selfish. I have all these ideas in my head and maybe I just need a place to store them? I can use that as an excuse, but I am just being selfish.

I don't know if this is because of all these wonderful craft blogs I have been reading (I may just list them on here for you all to look at too), or just because I have wanted to do this for some time. I have been reading all these wonderful blogs that I discovered through the craftsy website and their fun craftsy block of the month quilt along for beginners, and following links through pinterest to fun activities, patterns and other blogs full of fun ideas. I am being swarmed, no, bombarded with ideas and things that I want to do and I need a place to store and document what I have done so I can share with everyone and maybe inspire a mind or to as well.

Wait a second, isn't that what Craftsy and Pinterest are for? Maybe, but I think it would mean more for me if I can link it back to my blog here and share what and how I did the project rather than linking to what someone else has done. I have a lot of fun (and have waisted a ton of time) on those two websites because they are just so much fun!

I know I have added a few things on the blog already to share some ideas and some projects that I have done. I know that was not my original intention of this blog. So i am letting you know that it will occur more often, because I feel a need to share. I will be using this Nikolai space to also share my craft ideas. Selfish I know, but I think it will be fun. :)

Until next time,
Happy Blogging! :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy Easter!!!

I think this counts as Nikolai's first real Easter. He was able to search for eggs, and partake of the kids enjoyment.   We decided that because Brandon wanted to go to the sunrise service at his parents church (which I had no idea it was outside, silly me), we needed decent and cute outfits for Easter. This meant a cute dress/skirt for me (one that Brandon does not think looks like a tablecloth), a cute shirt/pant combo for Nikolai, and a decent shirt for Brandon (he already has dress slacks). So we spent ALL day at the mall that Saturday. By the end, I was told that I need a girl-friend to do that stuff with because it was just aweful!

First Family Camping Trip

Well, about  a  two weeks ago (3/30-31/2012) we took our first camping trip as a family. Brandon and I had not been comping in so long and have been wanting to go on a trip for a while, but just figured it would be too difficult doing it with a little boy.  We were invited to parker canyon lake with some friends, so we got a new tent to house Brandon's air mattress and Nikolai's pack-n-play. It all fit into the 6 person tent pretty well, Nikolai slept the whole night through, and I nearly froze in the freezing weather. Thankfully Brandon has an awesome sleeping bag.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Growing Vocabulary

We had a Doctor's Well Baby check this last Friday (3-30, weighed in at 19.8lbs and 29.25in) and I was pretty nervous with the weight issue and all. The way I see it, he eats when he wants but will pretty much eat just about anything and is developing as he should be. He can walk, he is getting a grip on running (boy am I tired!), and he can climb (how many times to I have to take him off the coffee table?!?)... But really, words are coming out left and right! It is crazy! Sometimes I have no idea what he is saying, other times my brain just stops, "did he just say that?"...