Monday, January 28, 2013

Ending the 16 Weeks

Well, I am 17 weeks on Wednesday. I have had headaches nearly everyday for a week (ugh), though at least most of the morning sickness is gone. We are set to sign the documents Tomorrow (though it was supposed to be today) and we close on Thursday. We are hoping that we can get the keys on Thursday as well. But do not know yet... It is Tucson, and everything moves slow out here.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


41 inches! That is the circumference around my stomach at this point in time, with a quick measurement. Is that fast? I have no idea...
And... 31 days until we go into the doctors office to see our little peanut through that wonderful ultrasound wand and up on the TV! :) So excited! :)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Little Girl is 2!

It is hard to imagine that just 19 years ago (almost 20) I met my friend Brenda. And now, she has a little girl who celebrated her 2nd birthday today! It is one of those moments where I feel in awe of how fast time really flies!

It was great getting to spend some time with some amazing people today. Sometimes we feel like we may overstay our welcome, but it is just nice being around great people. :)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Extra Preggo Info...

I forgot to share this information on my post on Friday! How could I forget?
When I went into the doctor and was weighed, I am no longer loosing weight but have gained! Yay! I would like to thank the dissipating morning sickness and the ability to keep food down!
They (meaning the doctor and the UofA student) took the fundal height of measurement. One got 13 the other got 15. I am taking the middle and saying that I am right were I am supposed to be. :)
I do not know the heart rate. I do know that it is sounding healthy, it is strong and consistent. To me, that is more important than knowing the rate.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Good News; Conundrum

Yesterday I had my 14 week prenatal check-up. I was talking with the lady at the front desk thinking how quickly this pregnancy has flown by. February 20th we can find out the gender of the baby! :) I am so excited! With Nikolai I was in the doctors office almost every week for the first few months, and with this one I have only been in 3 times! It is amazing the difference! But it is a relief at the same time, everything is healthy and looking good! And, in case you missed the last post, you can check out my preggo belly here.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Energy is Back?

I am so excited! It started yesterday. I do not feel nearly as tired as I have been! A sign that I am getting over this silly cold? Or is it because I have exited the first trimester? (Missed the news, check out our announcement pics here) Maybe both? But I have been really stressed because of moving (our closing date was moved back to the end of the month) and the mess that this house became after me being sick for the last 3 weeks and the holidays. A lot of sites have been calling this month Organizing Month, so I am going with that thought for today.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcome 2013!

I hope all of you enjoyed your new year! It was not too bad for us, aside from the fact that I have had a cold for 3 weeks straight (as I reluctantly blow my nose for the millionth time today). We finished celebrating Christmas on Sunday. My niece was back in town and she got to open all her presents from this side of the family. My Brother finally got to see his gift, though it is not finished yet, and he really seemed to like it. It is the queen version of my Labyrinth Lap Quilt Top. Except for using bright colors as mine does it uses Stonehenge for Northcott fabrics. I love it! I will have to get a picture of it when it is finished.
I am really looking forward to this new year. So much is going to happen!