Friday, August 30, 2013

Just Wanted to Share... Household Budgeting System from A Bowl Full of Lemons

I had been searching for a different way to budget for a while. If you follow me on Pinterest, you have probably seen some of the stuff I have pinned about budgeting.

I have wanted to make this wallet for the last 8 months. But I don't have the zippers nor have I taken the time to sit down and make it... But then, what good is it going to do for me without actually doing that type of budgeting? I used to do that way back before I met Brandon, but then stopped (why I have no idea). I needed to improved the system I had been using, but wasn't sure how.

Me, being the type of person I am, have to share this with you!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Nearly 6 Weeks!

Time is going by even faster! It is amazing what children do to you! Well, to time!

But, how much we do love them...

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Craft Space

I am excited to show you my craft room, though right now it isn't nearly anywhere I want it to be. But hey, it's a craft room and it's usable! :)  And, it is a lot better than what it used to look like. Isn't it just the way that things seem to go, the craft room or spare room seems to turn into a catch all for stuff around the house when trying to clean... Maybe if we had spots for everything it would be easier, or not as much stuff.... ;)

So when you first walk into the craft room, to the left is the desk where my sewing machine is located. I love the size (though a little big for the room). We acquired it in the move into this house 5 months ago. Brandon wants to cut a portion off the table to set the sewing machine down into it, but I don't think that is going to happen and now I am not sure if I want it to. The red chair was an acquisition with the house too.

The drawers are filled with scissors, sewing notions, thread, bobbins, old eye glasses and other crafting supplies, even baby food jars!

On the other side of the desk is an old couch that folds out into a bed but I am not totally taking a picture of that as it is in need of reupholstering, not to mention is has a box of carousels in need of a home and my yarn supplies for crochet work.

One more look at my Huge desk... It's awesome...

I have my ironing board set up in front of the window. That window gets so hot during the day. I think this room is one of the hottest in the house! I would show the view, but it is of the broken trampoline and the chicken coop. Granted the mountains are awesome, but not the other things...

My one bookcase is crammed with fabric in photo boxes, books, papers, albums, crayons and markers... I think I need more bookcases, but there is no room for them. The small plastic containers holds my scraps and WOF cuts organized by size. I very much prefer having these sorted by size than by color. If I need something 1.5" then I go into that container. It's so easy! The photo boxes are organized by color. :)

Then it is my craft table. Brandon made it when we lived in the old house. It's great for scrapbooking when I am putting my layouts together. I like to spread out. Course now it spans almost the full length of the room! The unpainted top was supposed to be a second table, but I am not sure the plans with it now...

I like my little cork display above the table... and my music notes...

This just makes me happy...

My grandpa made this, and my grandma painted it. It will always be special, and hopefully the current children can keep all the pieces together!

My project wall. A simple fleece blanket pinned to the wall. It works for what it has been used for. Right now it is sporting the blocks I got from the baby shower. I am still waiting on a bunch and trying to figure out the layout which has changed many times and probably will again before it is actually pieced together...

Last but not least, my music notes above the door... :)

I am linking up at Ellison Lane: Studio Spotlight Linky Party! :) Check out the craft/sewing spaces of others for some inspiration, admiration, or just to snoop... ;)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Arizona Flag Mug Rug

I am super stoked! I started this project back on Flag Day (which actually was a coincidence, totally not intentional) and I became way discouraged. I know how to paper piece, but creating a paper piece template/pattern is way different. But with time and patience, I like to rush sometimes, I was able to complete this Mug Rug and I am super stoked!

One Bucket List item is now half complete! :)

Update, you can now but this pattern! Arizona Mug Rug on Craftsy

Monday, August 5, 2013

The Arrival of Samara - part 2

I am actually taking the time to go through pictures! Now that it is super late and I should really be sleeping... But then when else am I going to do this? Hopefully this is ok since my new momma sleep deprived brain is still a little out of whack! I put coffee grounds into the basket and completely spaced the filter the other day, and didn't realize until 2 scoops in...

So, here are some pictures. :)

41 Weeks 2 Days
Getting Ready to go to the Hospital

Welcome to the World,