Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Back to School Wardrobe: Planning Update {kids clothes}

I know it's not back to school anymore. It's already nearing the end of the semester! But... Back in August I talked about the kids' clothes for going back to school and looked at different planning tools/worksheets with which to build their capsule wardrobe for school. You can check out that post here.

To be honest, that post super stressed me out. documenting what the kids had and trying to find the holes (which is what I have been attempting for my own wardrobe for the past, I don't know, 4 years?)... I gave up documenting the girls' clothes. We are blessed to receive hand-me-downs and it's not necessary at all. Through the good graces of friends, we have not needed anything for them.

My oldest is in need of clothes, however. I was still overwhelmed by trying to document and find holes in his wardrobe. Totally overkill for a 7-year-old who still has tons of shirts he has yet to grow out of and a taste as simple as {tee + pant + shoe} and an aversion to layering shirts. No button-ups over graphic tees, or graphic tees over polos here. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that maybe he might decide to try that combo. I always thought it looked rather sharp.

The simplest approach for this mom of 4 is simply, did we make it through the week without the blaring "mom, I have no clean pants!!!"? I've since put a box in the kids' closets and much better about telling them to take off what they are wearing if it doesn't fit and put it into that box.

We've since made it to the point where he is in need of pants (about another 2 pairs). I got lucky with clearance items at both Target and Walmart, but since have stopped looking. He could probably use a khaki pair and another blue denim. He has blue denim (2) and a black denim (1).

He is also in need of another 2-3 long sleeve shirts. He currently has 2 graphic tees (1 is getting a bit snug) and a long sleeve school shirt.

So, I'm making a plan. I miss sewing. I want to sew him a couple shirts, and maybe store buy another 1 (or 2).

Shirt 1:
He likes Spock from Star Trek (the original series) and a shirt for that would be awesome.

Looking at this picture, I am thinking a raglan maybe modified with a v-neck but without the high neckline. It's moments like this where I wish I had an embroidery machine, or cricut maker, or silhouette. The symbol will have to be freezer paper stenciled on.

Shirt 2:
He likes Pokemon. Now, with it being super popular I was hoping to find a shirt like this in kids sizing. I have not had luck in my semi-non-thorough search.
I will use a basic long sleeve shirt pattern and color block in the black, red, and white parts. I am thinking either applique the circle, or sew a set in circle. either are an option.

Shirt 3:
Who doesn't love comic characters? DC or Marvel, gotta love them all. Flash seemed fun (plus Sheldon had a few Big Bang Theory episodes where he "ran fast in the flash costume" according to N.
Now picture something like this...

in this pattern

It's the Thumbs Up Tee by OUSM Designs. (Feeling Nostalgic at the moment. Seriously, my little boy was so cute!) I will be freezer paper stenciling the symbol on the shirt too.

Fingers crossed I will be able to accomplish these things! My machine is still hiding in it's case!

Monday, November 19, 2018

Read A Book: In This House We Will Giggle by Courtney Defeo {Parenthood}

I am the type of person who will fill up my holds list from the library with books I want to read and still not have anything available. It doesn't help that my husband and I share the library card for the electronic sources. Once my hold list is full and I need a new book, I scourge the database for an available book.

I came across In This House We Will Giggle by Courtney DeFeo and decided to give it a go.

This time around searching for a book, I was looking for a quick and fast read. This one seemed like it would fit the bill for a fast and easy read, but I had to check it out a second time. Not as a bad thing. I loved this book and the ideas presented. I'm considering purchasing it, and I rarely now purchase books.

Parenting is hard. Kids are hard. At first, I thought this book was going to be more about laughter, ways to parent without yelling, at this point I cannot completely remember what I thought this book was about. So, I cannot remember what I expected when I started reading. It does give some activities to do with the kids to fill the house with the sound of laughter. But the bulk of the book is about instilling virtues in our children, with suggested bible verses and applicable activities.

I like being able to use bible verses with the kids to teach them virtues and life expectations. And as we discuss the verses as we use them, it helps remind me too. Being a baby in my faith still, it's fun to watch the kids grow in theirs alongside me.

The study is broken down by month, which is why i feel i need to buy this book. Activities to practice the virtue are applicable and realistic. I couldn't wait to get started. Though for this month, the extent of our practice is thanking God for things in the morning. Which actually had helped my morning mood. 

I know, after getting this book and beginning the practice, I would have a hard time with forgiveness (the family cross is an incredible idea!) Because sharing your sins is embarrassing and should be humbling. It would be great at modeling for my kids though! 

And I would have a hard time with generosity because the days we had nothing are so close still. Trying to feed a family of 4 (at the time) on $35 a week is still so fresh in my mind I get scared we will be back in that position again. A ridiculous fear, and one I'm obviously going to have to fight through. I get scared we may need something and therefore have a hard time giving things away. Goodness knows I want to give. I need to do it and get over my fear. I do have a lot of time to share though too, not just physical items. I need to remember, it's not about just stuff... after all, we are just stewards, everything belongs to God.

I am looking forward to buying this book and putting the activities into practice.