Monday, February 20, 2017

What Kind of Example is My Messy Room!?

"Why should I clean my room, Mommy, when your's is such a mess?"

My mouth dropped open. I'm sure a fly might have flown in, buzzed around a bit and left. Those were the words that came out of my oldest, my 6-year-old's, mouth. Sure, I might have been scream yelling at him to clean his room for the last few hours days prior to that question's utterance, just to get the house ready for guests. But, come on. Your 6, child!

How do you respond to a statement such as that? How do you combat the logic and reasoning presented to you by a 6-year-old mind? Because, it's true right? I mean, what have I shown my son besides a messy room? What kind of example am I leading?

We celebrated the baby's 1st birthday a few weeks ago. It was glorious. Funfetti cake with bright blue frosting... The kids were playing their little hearts out in the backyard... We spent the better part of a week cleaning the same parts of the house over and over again just to be ready in time.

As a friend of mine went through our master bedroom to use the bathroom (the guest bath was occupied) I cringed at the thought that she would have to traverse the tiny pathway and actually see the mess! Oh good gravy, the mess... The Mess... With all the yelling and watching and supervising, I never got to lay a finger on my own room.

How much time a day do you talk to your kids about cleaning up? I am pretty sure I tell my kids about 10 million times. Ok. Maybe not that many times. But, I'm sure it's a lot. I tell them to clean up if they want to watch tv, clean up if they want candy, clean up so they can drive their power wheel car outside, clean up for this, clean up for that. I am sure I say it 10 million times more than is absolutely necessary.

But, how often do they see you cleaning? I am pretty sure I spend most of my time standing at the sink washing the gazillion bowls they thought was necessary for breakfast. Apparently a kid needs more than one bowl for cereal in the morning. I don't understand their rationale, or how they manage to get the bowls. I place them high in the cupboard on purpose. They are ninjas... But, do they see me tidying up my own things? Not really. I leave them where I put them, set them down on the counter real fast so that I can pour a glass of milk and forget what I was doing in the 10 seconds the action of pouring milk takes. They don't see me clean.

After everyone at the birthday party went home, we were left behind to take in and absorb the shambles that only a really good birthday party leaves in it's wake. I walked into my kids' rooms and saw the mess. My son looked at me with defeat in his eyes. I just shook my head, shrugged my shoulders and gave him a hug. "did you have fun with your friends?". "yes" he told me. Then I walked to my bedroom and looked at the mess there. No one except my 1 friend went through there and it was worse than my son's room. What am I showing my son? What kind of example am I setting with my own room a mess?

Have you read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up (check out my initial review here) or ClutterFree with Kids (initial review here) or Allie Casazza's Blog? Even the multitude of the organizing/tidying/purging/cleaning facebook groups say to do the same thing when it comes to teaching your kids how to clean/tidy their own spaces. I'm sure if I search harder I could find it stated more. Lead by example. Eventually they will do it too. 

Really, that's what I need to do to get my kids to clean their rooms? Lead by example? At least that's the position we are in now. The towers of boxes and books and fabric and patterns all need to get torn down, purged/cleaned/organized. No matter how long it takes, I need to clean my own stuff and my kids need to see it being done by me. 

Maybe they might not clean it right away. Maybe they will find another excuse. But if I can get it under control at least I am leading by example, and they will learn through their interactions with me and my things. At least I wont hear him say "why should I if you don't."

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Blogger Tribe: Sunday Lately: Week 112

What do you need to do when you need to connect to some sister bloggers? Join Sunday Lately!

Sunday Lately is such a great way for us bloggers to share and see what is going on with each other!

Enjoying - They say this stage of life is one of the greatest and to hold on to it? Well, I am fighting to hold on to it so hard. I'm fighting the cranky dragon of mommyhood and trying so hard to just enjoy the kids as they are in this moment. Which of course is super, super difficult! Especially since they are full of attitude!

Delving - Back into menu planning for the week. I found a new way to keep track of what meals to do and I can add to it anywhere I am, and it is always with me!

I've tried a menu on the fridge, a framed one on the counter, one in the planner, several different apps, and lately it's been hard to keep it up. The apps are a little more confusing or, because I use mostly my own recipes, they require me to enter it all in.

I've been using Google Calendar! It's already on my phone, it's on one of the pages (is that what it's called? either way I can swipe and see it) and I use the notifications to remind me to do stuff! Which is super handy since I use google calendar this way already for other things: events with the girls, blog posts, even working on the budget. I've only been using it for about a month, but that is pretty good for me. And sticking to it.

Forgiving - Since I have been that cranky mommy dragon, I need the kids to forgive me more than usual. I need to forgive myself all the time.

Relying - What do you do when the baby doesn't sleep? The dishes have been piling in the sink, the laundry is piling in the dirty clothes baskets, the toys are multiplying before my eyes across the floor. I've been needing help. I need to have someone to rely on when I am a mombie, tired mom zombie surviving on coffee, and I can barely focus on the task of taking the oldest to school let alone everything else. This is probably one of the reasons for cranky mommy dragon. I need to be able to rely on my husband to be there to pick up a little bit of slack as I try to navigate the world of NO Sleep!

Hoping - Please baby. Please, for mommy, get some sleep! Actually, today, she has napped. Twice! SO I got one in too! Yay!

Sunday Lately with Blogger Tribe

Friday, February 10, 2017

Boys Can Wear Pink v. 3

Welcome to our stop on the Boys Can Wear Pink tour!

Eeep! So much excitement for the Boys Can Wear Pink tour this year!  This is the third year, and our third year participating! You can check out our previous posts here and here.

This year I went simple. Little man has the Classic Polo from Peek-A-Boo Pattern shop (check out the affiliate link here) and I decided to do pink for the placket and underside of the collar. He picked out his button snap color.

This is my second polo ever. and I am pretty excited how it turned out. The collar looks like it hangs pretty well and I love the pop of pink that comes out from underneath!

He wanted to wear it to school to show all his friends his new shirt that has pink and that his momma made for him.

And somehow, of course, the collar became some form of ninja face mask thing

I added a side vent too, because it's just cool and polo shirts scream side vent. My first time sewing one in on knits.

I love the color combo of the blue and pink together. I was going to darn a pair of pants that have a hole in the knee using matching blue and pink embroidery thread, but I cannot find my thread *darn*. A project for when my craft space is a little tidied up.
I'm excited how it turned out, and it's always a win when the kiddos love the me-mades too.

And now... drumroll....

There is a giveaway!

  a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Pattern of choice from New Horizons
Pattern of choice from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop
Pattern of choice from Little Moo Designs
Pattern of choice from Laela Jeyne Patterns
$30 gift certificate to AVTR Fabric
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And don't forget to check out these other awesome makes!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Amuse Top: Winter Wear Designs: One Thimble Tour Issue 14

One Thimble 14 tour has begun and welcome to my stop! I love One Thimble and the awesome patterns that goes with it! This edition does not disappoint! 

I've sewn up Winter Wear Design's Amuse Boho Dress and Tunic and I am in love with it! From the flow of the design and the length (I went with the tunic length). It is so comfy! Plus the panel in the front is great for scrap usage! I may have fussy cut mine though. ;)

I've jumped on the legging bandwagon a little late and am in need of long enough tops to coordinate into my wardrobe. For me, the tunic length is perfect!

There are gathers in the front and the option for gathers in the back. I opted out of the back gathers to conserve on fabric. The blue fabric I used was gifted and I barely had enough!

I've always been a fan of the raglan style sleeves... 

This was my first time doing a side vent. I'm so excited by the look of it, and the feel of it that I my just start hemming more of the clothes with it! and the shirt tail hem! *heart eyes emoji* 

It's really hard to take a picture of that by yourself!

I think it's super cute! The first thing I have sewn for me since having the baby (that is not costume related), and I love the fit. 

This is the first woven top I have ever made for myself. and I am pretty excited with how it turned out! 

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