Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sunday Lately {Week 82}

Jumping in on Sunday Lately today with the Blogger Tribe! It's been a few months since I last joined in! It's been a crazy!

This weeks themes are Doing, Appreciating, Designing, Humming, Expecting

School. My oldest started kindergarten this last week and our days have been driving to and from school. He goes for only a few hours since we do half day kinder out here. We have not adjusted with naps or our eating schedule yet, especially since he goes in smack dab in the middle of the day! Ah, but I am still so excited! We've started practicing sight words as homework every night and he already knows 5/20 of his first quarter words! He has been segmenting well too (he did it on his own the other day!), and I am super proud of him! It's still new though, we will see how we go towards the end of the year when we've burned out on the crazy schedule! Ha!

Family. I could not have caught up on cleaning, or preparing, for my middle one's birthday party the day before school started. My mom has been coming over to help with the baby's room (it's still not ready yet) and helped get things cleaned up and in order for the birthday party. For once we were fairly ready on time, aside from a few veggies getting cut up, we were set to go on time! For us, that rarely ever happens and it would not have been without my mom's help!

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The layout for the baby's room in my head. Where will I put everything? I'm just ready to get her out of my room. She wont fit in the bassinet of the pack 'n play for much longer.

"it is well with my soul"
I'm sure there is something God is trying to tell me and I haven't figured it out yet if He keeps putting this song in my head. Until I figure out what it is I will continue to listen to Audrey Assad singing it... And perhaps look for a few more versions.

I have not relaxed this last week because of anticipation. Anticipation of time to leave for drop off/pick up, waiting for the next fit to ensue, the whining to start, the constant demands of "mommy, I want I want I want, need need need, mine mine mine, now now now" (in the voice of Dustin Hoffman as Hook). It's been too much and I cannot wait for my next get together with lady friends over dinner. Seriously it has been too long and I need the time with them! Now that we know a little more of what to expect with school, I'm hoping this dies down a little bit. But, I am going to 'try' to start preschool with Samara. I'm a little scared of this, she is my crazy 'spirited' child and only really listens to her daddy. So, we shall see.

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Sew 20: Desert Island Sew: Blog Tour

Welcome to my stop on the Desert Island Sew tour by with Sew 20!

The prompt on this one had me thinking!
Pretend you will be spending a few weeks alone on a desert island. You will only be allowed one sewing pattern but no limits on project supplies. What pattern would you take?

I actually had a hard time with this and debated between the Love Notions Willow Wrap Dress because I love the one I made after my daughter was born in February! Using a shorter sleeve option would be nice and I love the feel of the dress!

Then I thought about going with the GreenStyle Creations Centerfield Raglan. This is my all time favorite shirt for me, used so many times! And it is something I would wear when I got back from said time on the desert island.

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I would love a drop waist dress with this and a tutu skirt. Ah, to play dress up!

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Plus there are some modifications that I have been wanting to try using this as the basic starting point of the pattern, that only 2 weeks away from the kids would grant to the time to attempt!

I want to crop the sleeves to make a sleeveless look and hem or bind the underarm. Or forgo the sleeves and finagle a binding thing with buttons at the back, extend the bodice and add a circle, or half circle skirt....

Oh, the options are endless!!!

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Kids Behind the Blog: Happy Summer! {TKBTB V6}

Hope you all have had a fantastic summer; ours is almost over! We start school in 5 days! So exciting for kindergarten for little man! But, it sure is hot! We are so thankful for our monsoon season!

Hall Around Texas

1. What 2 things do you like to do outside in the summer?
Nikolai// Have a picnic and play, have friends when we play outside, (added after hearing Samara) fly a kite
Samara// Fly a kite, eat carrots

2. If you could go anywhere this summer, where would you go and why?
Nikolai// Back to the house that has stairs where we can sleep and I can have the bed on the bottom and Samara could have the bed up top. It was fun (We went to Sedona last summer and he slept upstairs when his sister slept downstairs). I like going to Judy's (friend of the family, we visit for the 4th).
Samara// across the river (their dad was showing pictures of a fishing trip the boys took a few months back)

hatchery outside Sedona, AZ (2015)

3. What is your favorite thing about summer
Nikolai// Swimming!!
Samara// flying a kite

4. If you could pick any way to spend a hot summer day, how would you spend it?
Nikolai// stay inside when it's hot because it is really really hot in the desert where we live. (wow, I'm kinda impressed this came out of my little guy)
Samara// Get in the pool

Summer Swimmin'

5. What is your favorite summer treat?
Nikolai// biscuits, fruit snacks, catching fish and eating them, sandwiches, and ice cream.
Samara// I eat yogurt.

I am going back over the kids responses to see what pictures to add and Samara just cracks me up. That girl is so funny. Seriously though, I had to bribe her with fruit snacks to get any type of response from her! LOL! And I thinking we can work on sentences for her too, meaning lots of reading with more complex sentence structures. Preschool for her starts in about 1 week!

Next up August 10th!
1. what was your favorite thing you did over the summer?
2. What's your favorite thing to learn about in school?
3. Who is your best friend from school?
4. What do you want to be when you grow up?
5. What is your least favorite thing about school?

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Friday, July 8, 2016

2016 Finish Along: Quarter 3: Goals {2016 FAL Q3}

Here are my goals for this quarter!

1. Labyrinth Lap Quilt... If you've been following me on Instagram, you've seen some slow progress! I've been working on this one! Just needs to finish the quilting then, bind! :)

A photo posted by JessiBerry (@jessiberry09) on

2.  My band shirt memory quilt... I found a backing by andover fabrics! It's perfect! There is no reason for this not to get done now! Ha! Well, aside from time that is! 

3. This is little lady's baby shower quilt. From 2013... Poor thing is still waiting on a quilt from mommy. She has since laid claim to the labyrinth lap quilt. LOL

4. This circle quilt. It was supposed to be for a MQG fabric challenge... It has sat in my sewing bag I love it and should really get it finished, but it's not first on the list. Eventually...

The Berry Bunch: 2015 Finish-A-long: Circle Quilt

5. These were supposed to be some Peasant Tops pattern by Tie Dye Diva Patterns for little lady. I know they are now too small for her now, but I could still use them for baby 3, they are a 12 month and 18 month size so I now have some time. 

The Berry Bunch: 2015 Finish Along: Peasant Tops

6. This was supposed to be Little Man's Going to Grandma's/&or/Grandpa's over night bag. It is supposed to be the Dorothy Day Tripper by Swoon Sewing Patterns (affiliate links) ... 
7. If I have enough left over I also wanted to make a Tiny Explorer Backpack by Diedelbug Handmade for him when we go to MOPs meetings, the Zoo, and anything else that seems to fit with learning and fun. ;) Only problem is, he doesn't stay over anywhere and we no longer go to the zoo (I haven't renewed our membership). I still want to do them, and we miss the zoo. After all, he is going to be starting school in a couple weeks! Eek, Kindergarten!

The Berry Bunch: 2015 Finish-Along: Dinosaur Bags

I've carried over this list since 2013! Don't believe me? check it out! Finish-Along
Sad, right? I know! same things over and over. At least this time I have the excuse of a little baby to take care of! Right?!? No? Ha! At least I haven't really added to it!

Wish me good luck! ;)

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