Monday, January 2, 2012

1st Birthday Party

It was a cold and rainy day... Well, it did not start off that way entirely. It was kinda sad because we discovered late that it was supposed to rain ALL DAY on the day we were going to have his birthday party. It was Dec. 18th, exactly one week before Christmas. Not like we had entirely much choice as his birthday is 3 days before Christmas, and most people work on the weekday.

It started sprinkling on and off out our house that morning, but the sky seemed fairly decent with patches of a bright blue. I remember hoping that if it could just stay that way until after the party!

We were running late because of cutting up fruits and vegetables. I feel really bad about that because Mike and Becka were going to take pictures of us. We were able to get some pics in later though. I just feel bad because Mike had a cold. I cannot wait to see how they turned out! :)

But it started pouring shortly after our start time. I feel so bad for all who were there, putting up with the rain. I am so thankful for them staying though!

The Cake Decoration:

It took me 4 days to figure out the cake. Albertsons (my first choice) and every other grocery store only do pre-done cake decorations. If you buy a topper/toy of some sort, they will add that for you but not an icing decoration. So after a few days of touring the grocery stores and not satisfied with the pre-done cake decoration picture like film (yuck), I took a trip to Michael's. I will say this, I love my cricut! We bought the Create a Critter cartridge and just did the shadow of the shapes for the cake (exactly what I wanted by the way) on plain white cardstock. I was thinking just of outlining the shape, but when we pulled it off, it took icing with it. So he just filled it in. It looked awesome and I was so ecstatic about how it turned out. I loved it! I think we may stick to ideas like this from now on. :)

Let them eat cake:

This was Nikolai's first time eating cake. My thought before this was that 'he doesn't need it'. And of course, neither do I. So I figure, there is a first time for everything and why not this day for cake? We lit the #1 candle and sang happy birthday. Nikolai did not want to touch the cake. He did not want to eat the cake. Mind you, this boy's favorite vegetables are asparagus and broccoli.

I have video of it (which I have to take off the camcorder)... He did not want to eat it off the fork even! This is one funny boy!

Halfway through us trying to get his to eat the cake, he said 'no' and later said 'done'. He is so funny!!!


Nikolai did not seem to intrigued by opening presents. It was funny though, after ripping a piece of paper off, or taking tissue out of a bag he would hand it to one of us. Like "ok, you wanted me to take it off, now here you go!" He did the same thing with his Christmas presents too.

It's much more fun to stand on presents...