Monday, July 27, 2015

Building a Capsule Wardrobe: Kids Part 2 {Girls Printable Wardrobe Planner}

Let's face it. I am not that great when it comes to figuring out the little girl's clothes. Planning her wardrobe? I seem at a complete loss. But I have a printable version like my little boy's printable planner, but for girls. 
Missed some of my other capsule wardrobe posts? You can read up on them here!

Check out the girls version here: Wardrobe Planner for Girls - Fall/Winter

This one has been a greater work in progress. Maybe because she is still little, potty training with regular accidents, and has to change her clothes 3-4 times daily. Really?!? What is up with that? She is so darn picky when it comes to her clothes! The child will pick something out and screech bloody murder to get it off with no idea why. This, of course, is when I can manage to get her into clothes in the first place.

But, aside from her strange wardrobe aversions (which I have yet to discover the specifics), I have created this bare bones idea of what a little girl needs in her closet. 

I may need to change the numbers to double just to account for her accidents, carrying extra clothes and daily wardrobe changes.

After going through her clothes (so far, I'm not even close to being done!), taking away what she refuses to wear, and boxing up what doesn't fit...

What I still need to create:

2 pairs of pants: Skinny Jeans by PAB (affiliate links), she loves her bootcut jeans from Old Navy - Looking for a pdf!
1 mid-heavy weight sweater: (haven't decided yet, suggestions?)
1 fancy dress: Holly and Ivy by GYCT Designs (affiliate links)
2 long sleeve: Tinley Tee and Rival Raglan by GYCT Designs (affiliate links)
(maybe) Blazer/dress jacket: Winter Wear Designs Phresh Blazer

Really, that's it. I could hold off on the dress and the sweater. I would like to do the blazer because it's nice to have, and she loved her old one (which she outgrew so fast!)

Honestly thought. I have 4 drawers of clothes filled (mostly shirts) with sizes 12 months to 3T, a closet filled with dresses 24 months to 5T, and a drawer that is for pajamas alone sizes 12 months to 3T. Granted some of the clothes don't fit yet and some of the 12 month stuff no longer does fit! I just need to be more diligent with taking things out that she doesn't wear and doesn't fit. So far I have removed a small diaper box of clothes... Just need to keep chipping away! :)

Share your thoughts:

Do you just shop/sew for your kids clothes? Or do you put together a plan before you start sewing/take a trip to the store?

Friday, July 24, 2015

Building a Capsule Wardrobe: Moving on to the Kids {Boys Printable Wardrobe Planner}

So I have mentioned quite a bit about building a capsule wardrobe.
Read about what I have learned here, what I have been thankful for here, and my more recent post here.

After the joys that my capsule wardrobe has given me, and the release, I have come to conclusion that I need to be doing this with my kids clothes too.

I made a Capsule Wardrobe for Boys printable set to help me stay organized. Once I figure out girls clothes, I will work on one of those too!

I sort of started this not that long ago, which makes this part easy. But at the same time most of my son's clothes do not fit him. ( I haven't quite figured out the little lady's wardrobe yet, that will come later). So, he is in need of clothes.

Honestly though. I wait until last minute to that boy's laundry. And then there is a pile up because there are just so many! I am hoping that this will help with the laundry like it did with my clothes!

step one... Take everything out of the closet that doesn't fit. Just like if you were to do your own closet.

step two... categorize what you do have

step three... figure out what you need

step four... decide on patterns to use, fabrics to use then...

step five... sew!

Easy right? yes... well... easier said than done. I needed to go through clothes when the little was not watching and then promptly remove them from (or put them up in) his closet so as not to entice their little grubby hands to grab, play, and throw across the room.

But, in an attempt to organize the sewing that I need want to do I created this worksheet to use. Complete with outfit planning! It has a spread sheet to organize your sewing and write down the patterns you wish to use (1 with numbers of items and 1 without) and 6 sheets for planning the outfits and spaces for fabric swatches. taking into consideration that you may or may not need all of them. They can be reprinted for further planning purposes

So far what I have decided to sew?
2 GYCT Designs Rival Raglans, 1 Long Sleeve and 1 short sleeve Tinley Tee, Denali Jacket and Jean & Jamey Jammies (affiliate links)
Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop long Sleeve Classic Ringer Tee, skinny jeans, A&AWinter PJs (affiliate links)
Brownie Goose Butler Britches
Shwin Designs Number 9 Trousers
Momma Quail Patterns Timmy Top or Shwin Designs Maxwell Top
P4P Lumberjack Shirt as a jacket
Winter Wear Designs Aviator Pants

Any Suggestions? Maybe you have some pattern you love? ;)

check out my printable pages here! I have 2 different charts. one with numbers and one without so you can create more of what you want. I have up to 7 spaces so you can write down the pattern you wish to use. Then there are 6 outfit planning printables too. I don't think I am going to be using these much, but it was fun!

Have you checked out Rebel and Malice? She has started a capsule sew along for kids fall outfits for back to school!  There is a facebook group and some other planning tools available too. You don't need to sew, you could use if for purchasing back to school clothes too!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Building My Capsule Wardrobe: Month 3: Round 2: Time for a Fresh Start

When I set out on this adventure of limiting my wardrobe in the Capsule fashion, I was confused as to the limitations of having that set wardrobe for only 3 months.

Why only 3 months?!? It made no sense. 

Of course, in the southwest desert we only have 2 seasons. 
1.   Hot 
2.   sort of not Hot. 

Based on this I figured I would really only need to go through the process twice. Once for hot (which I started 3 months ago) and once for the not so Hot season. 

I was wrong.

We are HOT right now. My warbrobe is no longer sufficient. I'm not comfortable, it's humid from the monsoons; still fairly dry though, I'm not really complaining! But the colors do not match my mood, my feelings, or how my body is feeling at the moment. 

And, guess what!?! It's been 3 months! Those people that do it for 3 months? Yeah... they are brilliant.

I am not going to attempt sewing anything new. Maybe a new skirt, but that is very doubtful. Not right now. I'll be sharing why in a little bit. But, not today.

I have set up a new capsule wardrobe and traded out some items to be more fitting to my mood and the monsoon season. But have keept some items.

I have to say though that this has been a great experience for me. I have taken boxes (and I mean LOTS) of clothes to goodwill. I was going to try the second hand store but really, I didn't want to bother. I just wanted them gone. And, I didn't even worry about turning them into clothes for kids except for the ones that had holes in the hem and shoulders. I love having more room in my closet, more room in my drawers and less laundry to have to worry about.

I think I am going to be limiting the kids clothes too! I'm tired of having tons of their laundry to have to worry about. Aside from the potty training little girl. That laundry is pretty much unavoidable.

So... Here is the list for my new wardrobe... 

5 camisoles
4 tanks
4 shirts
2 blouses (1 sleeveless, 1 with)
1 cardigan
2 capri
1 pants
3 skirts
3 dresses
2 necklaces
27 Items

I decided not to count shoes. I am sticking with a sneaker, ballet flat, and flip flop.

I'm seriously in the middle with clothes right now and the heat with the monsoon has limited in what I am comfortable.

I'm incorporating some more browns and more blues, but still have some pink accents in there a little bit.

This is definitely going to be changing soon, but I am holding on as long as I can to these items! ;) I am hoping I can make it another 3 months!

Happy Organizing!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Mystery Challenge: Moments and People Throughout History: Round Up

Back in the end of May/beginning of June (yes, it was that long ago) a group of bloggers had ourselves a mystery challenge where we shared a crafting prompt that followed a theme...

Well, this round of the Mystery Challenge had come to an end.

If you just so happened to miss some of these amazing women's creations, never fear; a round up is here! 

Mystery Challenge: Moments and People Throughout History: Round Up
The Berry Bunch - Frank Lloyd Wright │ Sew Not Perfect - Lucille Ball, I Love Lucy │ Create 3.5 - George Sand

Mystery Challenge: Moments and People Throughout History: Round Up
Zoe and Ted - Suffragetes │ Pen Seb Rox - Piet Mondriaan  House of Estrela - Woodstock/Fall of the Berlin Wall  

Mystery Challenge: Moments and People Throughout History: Round Up
Super Stay at Home Mommy - Madame Tussaud │ Gloria June - Florence Nightingale │ Keep Calm and Carrion - Jackie Kennedy │ Sofilantjes - Andy Warhol

Mystery Challenge: Moments and People Throughout History: Round Up
Busy Little Bee - Marie Antoinette │ Pienkel - Bianca Jagger │ Huisje Boompje Boefjes - Anne Frank

Mystery Challenge: Moments and People Throughout History: Round Up
Taking it Up a Notch - Queen Victoria │ Amazing Adventures with Bubba and Bug - 1964 New York World Fair │  Kelly's Sewing Creations - Steampunk Mary Queen of Scots │ Pretty Little Blog - Moon Landing

Mystery Challenge: Moments and People Throughout History: Round Up
Sew Starly - Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II │ Hibbadoray - Amelia Earhart │ Sew Far North - Countess Markievicz (1868-1927)Made By Sara - John Dillinger/Roaring 20's 

Mystery Challenge: Moments and People Throughout History: Round Up
Country Bella - 1900's World's Fair/Art Nouveau │ Lulu and Celeste - Rosie the RiveterSew Domesticated - 1960's/Civil Rights Movement │ Rebel and Malice - French Revolution/Joan of Arch

So many amazing, talented bloggers. I feel honored to participate with them in this fun challenge of our craftiness. If you missed some of them, go back and check them out. If you forgot some of these awesome ladies projects, go back and view them again!

Until next time...