Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Nursing Friendly Willow Wrap Dress: For the Love of Dresses and Tunics {Love Notions Blog Tour and Giveaway}

Welcome to my stop on Love Notion's  "For the Love of Dresses and Tunics"! I had to jump on the chance to participate on a dress or tunic because I have been totally in the mood for something to wear with my bright green leggings from here but was having the hardest time finding anything Ready To Wear from the store! Perfect timing and opportunity to make a beautiful garment!

And? I am so In Love with this dress! I made the Willow Wrap Dress, just perfect for this nursing momma! It was the first thing I made from my Spring Capsule Wardrobe and I am so glad I did!

I feel beautiful in it! I felt beautiful while I was pregnant, and feel beautiful now!

I love the gathers on the side (hard to see in this fabric). But even with my post-partum belly (by only 5 days) This dress still looks awesome!

And some cuteness with the baby... :D

Even the husband is happy with the way I look in the Dress! Bonus since it's purpose is for date nights. I plan on wearing it for Valentine's day. We do dinner at home, sometimes in front of the tv with the kids, sometimes not. I'm gonna pull out some candles and set up the table for a nice date night in, and I'm excited! A girl has to feel beautiful, especially after having a baby only a few days ago!

I'm also thinking of pairing it with my leather jacket and some heels for a wedding in March. I might end up sewing a blazer later, but for now the leather jacket will do nicely! Oh, I am excited to wear this out with the husband!

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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday Lately {Week 58}

I joined a group of bloggers and once a week they participate in a weekly update. Getting the readers closer to the writers, an opportunity to share what's been going on, and a chance to put down ideas. 
Every Sunday they post a response, or brain dump if you will, to 5 prompts.
This weeks prompts: Updating, Remembering, Needing, Wearing, Being

So many blog posts to write, so much to say! It's amazing how much life changes in a day/month/year. Our baby girl decided to join us on Thursday, creating our little family of 4 into a family of 5. I'm loving it, my world surrounds this amazing little bundle. I can't wait to get out the birth story of her arrival. Those stories always fascinate me! And it is nice having them here to be able to go back and reread later!

As I prepared for the arrival of our little girl, I went back over the stories of the other 2. It helped me with this one, remembering what it was like even though knowing ever story, just like every person, is different. I was so nervous about how this one would go. 

Now, as I look at this precious little one, I remember what the other two were like as babies. So little, so needy, but oh so sweet! I missed those little noises and coos. I just missed having a little baby in the house!

I feel like I'm needing so much more rest and sleep after this little one's arrival than the other two. But it's so much fun just sitting and watching the older ones admire their baby sister. So much love in this house! 

I'm still walking around in pajamas. After all, it's only been 2 days since we returned from the hospital. I cannot wait to wear a particular dress that will be posted here in a couple days. :) I've been dreaming up my spring, nursing friendly, capsule wardrobe that I will try to start sewing in a couple weeks.

I'm focusing on being a mom. Focusing on my husband, myself and healing, and the kids. 
Sunday Lately with Blogger Tribe

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Building a Capsule Wardrobe: Preparing for Spring

Wait, Spring? Already? Are we even close to being out of winter? I guess some of you are still experiencing snow on the ground and the thought of spring seems so far away. Punxsutaney Phil has said it will be an early Spring! But here in the lovely desert, we had experienced 80* weather already last week. If anything, I should be preparing for summer! Ha! But, spring will work decently from about... now... until April/May! And it fits perfectly into my goals this year!

Goal 3: I want to finish with the KonMari method on my clothes. I held onto a lot last year to prepare for the pregnancy and for nursing. But then turned around and ended up accidentally discarding nursing shirts. I really want to cry because I have maybe one or two tops that work for that! I also still have a bunch of clothes that hasn't worked for me in over 10 years and should probably discard them regardless of whether I *think* I am going to turn the items into clothes for the kids. Hey, the discount second hand stores are taking spring wear now!

Sudoku sheet from Free Notion
Goal 4: I want to rebuilt my capsule wardrobe. I thought I was happy with what I had last year, but I have come to realize that it doesn't work for me now. Really? I don't know if I can fit into any of the clothes that I had. I don't know how much weight I will loose, and how fast, once this baby decides to finally make her debut (as of today: 40weeks+5days)... But most those clothes took me years to fit into and never really fit the same way after kids... Why keep them? Especially when I love the items I have sewn for myself!

Sew for myself I shall! So I used my outfit planners from the kids printable wardrobe planners (girls, boys) and the Sudoku sheet from Free Notion (both modified to fit the odd sizing of my planner) and the motivation from the pinspired pirates hashtag contest (which I completely missed) to plan some nursing modifications to shirts. They even have a spot in my planner set-up which I love having so easily accessible!

outfit planners (girlsboys)
I have to say that I am really excited! Hopefully I can actually spend the time on the sewing, but based on necessity I think I have to!

I have quite a bit of my fabric already! That is always a good feeling! I love these fabrics, picked up at the local discount fabric store a while back and now I know just what to do with them! All together there seems to be less continuity between them, but I will also do a pink, purple, blue and green camisoles for layering under and to add an element of modesty during nursing...

I just need to work on the bottoms, but I may wait a little longer to work on those and use what I have not yet purged. And who knows what is going to fit ...

These were the colors That I was thinking. I am finding that I am loving pinks/purples and the blues!

Adding the neutrals of brown, blue/denim and white. with green as an accent. I'm still debating on black too...

I just need a jacket/blazer, but not sure the pattern or the fabric to use: possibly navy blue, denim, or both. But it's all in time!

I'm just excited to get something together that I will love and that I will wear.

Now... If only I can bring myself to get rid of the other clothing items that are just taking up space!

Looking for inspiration?
Pinterest Inspiration: Nursing and MaternityCapsule Wardrobe, Outfit Inspiration, PDF Women's Sewing Patterns

I want to hear from you!
What are your plans for your clothes this year?
Do you just use what you have (hey, if it works it works!), or do you just get what you like? Do you tend to stick with certain colors?
Do you capsule your wardrobe? How do you plan it out?

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Read a Book: The Maltese Falcon on Audio {An Audio Book Review}

So, one of my goals for this year is to read 30 books. And after reading some others' reading goals, I thought I might share with you my thoughts on the stories I read. At least once a month sharing one of the books I have read and my thoughts on it (I got the idea to share from HattieLuHandmade)! The hard part was picking which book to share with you! I have enjoyed them all!

The Month of January I read:
Inside the O'briens by Lisa Genova
For the Love by Jen Hatmaker
The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hamett

It was hard because I really want to share Inside the O'Briens with you. But I am deciding to go with The Maltese Falcon.

I have not seen the movie with Humphrey Bogart, nor had I read this prior. I bought a copy after I read Mildred Pierce by James M. Cain in college and felt that I needed to read more vintage crime novels. But, I never actually read the book.

The Story
I'm not going to give too much away about the story itself.

I wouldn't mind picking this one up again! It was captivating, the characters were fascinating especially the multi-layered Miss Wonderly. I pictured in my head Sam Spade as rough around the edges. But the time period of the 30s is fascinating, especially when dealing with the PI stories of the time. The story has everything I imagine for a 30's PI story: Deception, Murder, Mystery, Womanizing Romance that only the 30's can portray, conniving women with their just as dubious male counterpart.... No one is innocent or free from scrutiny.

The part that sticks out to me the most is the first scene between Sam Spade and Kasper Gutman. I found Gutman humorous and actaully kind of reminded me of someone I used to know (no longer associate with) with his round-about, 'I'm better than you', gentlemanly-type talk. But the line that sticks out the most is their toast, "Here's to plain talk and clear understanding". I found that line fascinating. Slightly the antithesis of the character himself, in reference to Gutman, and exactly the opposite of what transpires between the two characters immediately following.

The line got me to thinking about our relationships with those around us. Really, how often do we say things that either beat around the bush to how we really feel? Or it is something that we think the other person wants to hear? But even if we speak truthfully, the other people usually will read into thoughts or assume the worst when it was not the intention. But if we speak plainly, is there only one way but through clear understanding? Can we really get mad at others for feeling the way they feel, especially if they share those said emotions and thoughts?

The Audio
Actually, I am still stuck in this feeling that I still haven't actually 'read' the book as I listened to this one on audio. I've tried listening to books on tape before (books on cd/audiobook same thing right?). I always felt bored listening to the same voice over and over again. But this one was different, nice, in that it had a full cast to portray the characters. It kept me engaged and interested, but I still wonder how much I have missed through not actually looking at the words.

It was fascinating though. I was able to work on cleaning, housework, sewing, crocheting all while listening to this book. I listened straight through earbuds on my phone and loved it! It might have helped that is was an Audie Award winner book! It does make me want to see Humphrey Bogart as Sam Spade...

Tell me
Have you read/heard/seen The Maltese Falcon? What were your thoughts?
What have you read/listened to recently? Did you enjoy it?

Do you think listening to an audio book is the same thing as reading?

Until next time...