Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What's for Dinner? and Pinterest

I have been so strung up on trying to get things organized! I am so tired of living in a place with no organization what-so-ever! Maybe it is working in the classroom that has brought this out. I cannot work in an unorganized classroom and luckily at work, I do not have to deal with this! But perhaps it is just me getting tired of messiness, I do not know...

So I have become ADDICTED to pinterest! Oh my gosh, all the wonderful things you can find on that website! I love it!  Here is my pinterest page if you wish to follow... JessiBerry on Pinterest

So back to the main topic as is in the title... Dinner...

I have tried on numerous accounts to prepare and have a sit down dinner at least most nights during the week. And of course, had failed miserably..

I found this awesome meal planner through searching on websites I had found by clicking on a picture on Pinterest. To be honest I do not remember what picture led me to this, but I think it is awesome regardless... Ollibird - Menu Planner ... This website has two different, and simple menu planner pages that you can print out, laminate and post to write on with dry erase. Lucky me that I have a personal laminator already! I opened the orange one in paint to change the color to green and moved the days around to what worked better for us.

So it has been two weeks and I am proud to say that we have not eaten out once! I think this is a record breaker for us! We will be eating out this Saturday, but it is a friends birthday so I think we can give some leniency with that. I have shared this with a cousin and I am waiting to see how this worked for her. I think it is great, even Brandon has been pretty involved in preparing, planning and cooking dinner. It has been more of a team effort! I love it, it is great!

So I think I might go with this idea and change it a little more because ads and the great grocery store sales here in the lovely Tucson area are on Wednesdays for produce and Thursday for meat (Food City at least). And since I ad match at Walmart, those are prime days for grocery shopping.

I think the part I love about this the most is that there are no limits (aside from space)! I found some organizers/planners where they are magnets with food items listed by color. I guess that can be pretty specific, but where is the room for random spouts of creativity?

So far we have had Minestrone, Spinach Manicotti and Creamy Herbed Pasta. Totally outside our dinner norm! And I owe it all to the ability to visually see what we need, what we have, and to actually sit down and put some effort into it!

Hopefully it continues to go well! :) Until then, happy planning!