Saturday, January 22, 2011

4 weeks into Parenthood...

I don't know if having a newborn qualifies yet as parenthood. The activities in which a newborn are involved is not that much. But I guess the tummy time, bath time, feedings, lack of sleep, and small moments where they are actually awake can count for something. These are the building blocks of parenthood. These are the tests of strength and ability to endure every crying moment, and teach us to cherish the smiles all the more. Amazing what little bit occurs in such a small amount of time, and how insignificant it may seem but really is important.

I want to say that not much has happened. I am lucky to have such a good behaved little boy, aside from the day/night confusion. But even that will pass. Each visit to the doctor's office, the tech has commented on how calm he is. He has behaved on trips to restaurants and other people's houses where he has just slept. Even now, he is sitting under his play gym listening to the music, watching the lights and talking away. Granted I am waiting for the cry that says "come pay attention to me mom!" but even then it will be a quiet cry.

My last post was about sleep. Tuesday night he slept for 7.5 hours straight and I was in bed by midnight! The second night in a row where I was in bed earlier than 2! Thursday night I was able to get him into bed, ready to sleep, by 11:30! Hurray! I am still having trouble waking at a decent hour. But with the earlier to bed, the earlier to rise. That is ok even if we nap in the middle of the day! :)

I just can't believe it has been a month already! And the other day, he smiled at me! It wasn't in sleep, so I figure it wasn't muscle practice. And, he looked at me when he did it! It was so cute! I am waiting for the day that he smiles more frequently. This morning, he smiled and made a happy face while Brandon was talking to him before getting ready for work.  The feeling their smiling faces creates in you is totally indescribable! No words can explain the wonderful feeling! And I can say that I am waiting for the next moment that he just looks at me and smiles.

Of course at this moment now, Brandon is holding him and he is fussing. (as it has taken me a couple days to get this far in writing). We have tried a bottle to see if he would take it. He did, but perhaps that is part of the issue with Colic? That a baby needs the contact of mom rather than a bottle. Granted the bottle had a little more than an ounce and he was breastfed after the bottle, but he is now inconsolable. I feel really bad. Poor thing. At least he took a bottle, and I know that wont be a problem when I have to work. Seeing Brandon feeding Nikolai was cool, and yet I felt that it should be me doing that. That may take a while to get over.

Music: The other day, I heard Brandon singing in the shower. The music he was singing was from the play gym. It is funny that now, the songs that get stuck in our heads are from his toys. I have found the music from the play pen get stuck in my head all the time! And since the batteries have died and I have yet to replace them, I cannot listen to the music. Perhaps for now that is a good thing.

Being a New Mommy Realization...
13. There is nothing like your baby's smile.
14. The songs that get stuck in your head are no longer from the radio but from your baby's toys.