Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Nikolai had his first tooth a little over two weeks ago. The left central incisor on the bottom.

This week he has been fussy beyond belief and I could not figure out why! I kept looking at his right central incisor (on the bottom) to see if there was one coming through, and nothing. I thought those two were the ones that were to come in first.

Well, today I took another peak all around his mouth and what do you know? The Left central incisor on the top broke through! My little guy now has two teeth! I am so excited that I can start feeding him real food other than mush soon (well... hopefully!!!)

I need to post about his birthday and Christmas, which will be two separate posts... I just hope that I can get it done before the 1st of the year! Busy, busy then cause of work and everything.

Until then, I am off to bed because it is 1:45 in the morning.

Thanks for reading! :)

Oh goodness, and he has taken up to 10 steps by himself! Wont be long now!!!