Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Saturday Full of Birthdays

And it was Nikolai's first time getting sick...

Poor little dude! It was the 28th of January (I know I am way late on the posting) and it was a crazy day of birthdays! We left I think around 10:30 that morning and did not get home until 9 that night (I think). Thankfully nobody got sick from Nikolai that we had seen on Saturday. Unfortunately my mom and I had gotten sick (though my mom getting sick from Nikolai is still considered because it was too soon, incubation period and all)...

First we had Aurora's first birthday. She was so cute with her cupcake. The decorations were adorable! I loved the cupcake theme, it was super cute!

Nikolai loved their outside waterfall and bubbles. Not to mention their super cool fish tank. While we were there, Nikolai made some new friends. He is not shy and was willing to go to different people. Whoever was willing to pick him up and walk him around or hold onto his finger and follow him was a friend. He is just too funny!

We were there until about 1 and then left to head over to Lincoln's first birthday. He is so big! IT is cool to see the changes in these babies, and it is amazing the changes that take place in the first year of life! Stephanie is pretty talented with her cooking too. She had yummy snacks and the cool beehive cake. We stayed there to around 4:30/5 ish? I don't really remember. She was so kind to give me her fabric stash of awesome vintage style prints. One of them was a Michael Miller print of poodles. I really like Michael Miller fabrics!  Nikolai is a funny little guy. He really likes attention and is a little ham when he gets it. He had the adults clapping towards the end of our visit there. It was pretty funny.

From there we drove (slowly and a round-about way) to Peter Piper Pizza for Dani's 30th birthday. That was at 6. Nikolai slept in the car on the way there. We stopped across the street at the Mall and took turns using the bathroom so Nikolai could continue sleeping. His naps for that day totalled the 35 minutes from our house to Brenda's, the 30 minutes from Brenda's to Stephanie's and the 30 minutes from there to the pizza place. Crazy day for the little man.

Nikolai woke up when I went to go to the bathroom and was not a happy camper. So from there we went to Peter Piper. Nikolai seemed fine, ate his food and liked watching the merry-go-round... It wasn't untill after we had finished eating (thankfully) that Nikolai decided to loose his dinner all over the ground and down Brandon's back. I feel sorry for the family that was behind where Brandon was sitting. He was holding Nikolai and it was in their direction that he had lost his dinner. The Dad got upset because a little drop landed on his shoe. (gross I know, but you should have seen Brandon!) He then took one look at Brandon and decided that the one drop wasn't that bad. If it wasn't for Brandon's back, it may had landed on their pizza! (Major gross factor!)

I thought he just put his fingers too far down his throat (that has happened before). So we stayed a little while longer. But on the way home, he lost his dinner another time. Only it was all over his little body and his carseat. I felt so bad for him! There was nothing we could do for him. We covered him with a blanket and had wiped him up as well as we could. Drove home and got him out of his carseat. Luckily the carseat covers are washable! The next day was horrible. It is not fun taking car of a little person that cannot tell you when they are going to throw up.

Needless to say we went through a lot of towels and I did a lot of laundry. I got it that Following Tuesday (yuck). Poor boy. The highest his temperature got though was only 99.7. I am thankful for that and a little surprised. 50% of the total amount of Tylenol we have given him wound up being during this stomach bug. Called the dr and he had said to make sure that he gets fluids. Because there really wasn't a temperature it probably wasn't the flu.

After two days he was better. His poop had thickened up, though not entirely back to normal until another  day or two. I can say that taking care of a sick boy when you are really sick too is a difficult task. I let my fever run that Tuesday until the evening when it got to 100.7. I figured that was a little high and I was starting to feel loopy. But I think doing that helped me get over it faster (I was feeling much better the following day and went back to work that Thursday).

Poor little dude. But no sickness his first year, and this little thing for his first one. I don't think it is that bad! And now his little immune system (hopefully) should be a bit better for it! :)

At least now he is doing well!