Friday, May 3, 2013

Wait to Fall Asleep...

I am waiting for Nikolai to fall asleep, and while I am waiting, I feel like I am going to doze off! I feel like I have a few times! But Nikolai is being a mean tired, and I am not going to put up with it. I am done with time outs, he is laying down!
I cannot sleep until he does, only because I don't need him getting into trouble. I feel better knowing that there is someone to watch after his mischievousness. Not that he usually is, because he is not, but because I just feel better with having a 2 year old under supervision...
So while I wait to be able to take a nap, I thought I would show you this picture... It seems this owl has made it's home in one of the Saguaros on the property. Pretty neat!
It's a bit blurry because I don't have a fantastic zoom. So this one is cropped...
It's not the hawk that was sitting on the fence the other day when I left for work. So many neat raptors in the area. I don't know how the vulture with the broken shoulder is doing... I love it out here. :)

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