Friday, January 17, 2014

2014 Finish-A-long: Quarter 1 Goals {2014 FAL Q1}

Ok... Here is my list, pretty much the same as last quarter because I almost finished one, but not quite... Christmas presents took a lot of time. And Nikolai's birthday party. And, it was all totally worth it! :)

So here are the list of items that I am going to try to fit in between now and March, in between clothing items that is...

1. Craftsy Block of the Month 2012 quilt... Wait, what? 2 years for this one? my goodness me! All that is left is the binding. I can use my new wonderclips that I got for Christmas from my mom! :)

The Berry Bunch: 2014 Finish-A-Long: Craftsy BOM

2. Labyrinth Lap Quilt... I am still debating the backing for this, if I really want to use it...but I have nothing else...

The Berry Bunch: 2014 Finish-A-Long: Labyrinth Lap Quilt

3.  My band shirt memory quilt... Still trying to find backing fabric for this...

The Berry Bunch: 2014 Finish-A-Long: Band Shirt Memory Quilt

4. This is baby girl's baby shower quilt. Nope, still sitting on the wall... Just like this...  I am thinking of just foregoing trying to get other people to write on a square. I'm kind of negative in thinking about this... I love it, and I love that it is messages for her. I love her. This is something that potentially can be with her for a very long time. (I even have background!) I haven't pursued having people writing on a square because no one is responding, yes it has been a while... (Maybe I can bring some squares into the guild?) ... She is going to wonder why some people close to her never wrote on a square. Oh well ... maybe it wont be so hard when it is finished?

The Berry Bunch: 2014 Finish-A-Long: Baby Shower Quilt

5. This is still meant to be a checker quilt. I discussed sizing with Brandon and he doesn't want it bigger than the table, because he doesn't want to play on the floor... But... I found the line at the local quilt shop in Sahuarita!!! So it can be bigger than the table! ;)

The Berry Bunch: 2014 Finish-A-Long: Northcott Stonehenge Chess Quilt

6. Jelly roll quilt... I still need to fins a good enough yellow... Separate the rows and add in the sashing...

The Berry Bunch: 2014 Finish-A-Long: Jelly Roll Quilt

7. My new project... We got this for Nikolai's birthday. Brandon decided he wanted to get him and rc car so it got pushed back to Christmas. But, because I wasn't given time on the weekends to work on it. I was just barely able to get the other gifts done, and they turned out awesome! So this one is just for whenever it gets finished. 

We found this panel at the quilt shop in Sahuarita and it was the only one! Had to get it! It took a while to decide what to do. Just decided to border then quilt it with minky on the back (Nikolai loves fuzzy!)... So I have one more border, quilt and bind. He still hasn't seen it!

The Berry Bunch: 2014 Finish-A-Long: Little Man's Dinosaur Quilt

So, for now these are my quilting goals... I hope to at least finish the BOM and the Dino quilt... But clothes for the kids is a little top on the list. Samara grows out of things so fast! We are starting to enter the 6-9mos. sizes! We see how big she is on Wednesday!!! :)

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  1. Good luck with your list, and hope some more of those squares get signed :o)


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