Saturday, June 28, 2014

Why I Sew: It's My Meditation and Some of my History

Some awesome bloggers have put together a series stating the reasons why they sew and GYCT has a linky party for others to join in with their stories as well. It's some pretty amazing things, these wonderful women and their reasonings behind why they sew. 

I know I have shared, at times, why I sew. It is relaxing for me. It is my stress and anxiety reliever. But I guess now I will provide with a bit of background.

The Berry Bunch: Why I Sew: It's My Meditation and Some of my History

I made my first outfit when I was younger. It was for girl scouts. I don't remember much about it, but I still have the pattern, folded, in the tiny envelope, with the rest of my paper patterns...

The Berry Bunch: Why I Sew: It's My Meditation and Some of my History
Simplicity 8953 *affiliate* pattern copyright dated 1994

Skip ahead several years and I wanted to quilt. My inspiration? My great-grandmother's quilt.

The Berry Bunch: Why I Sew: It's My Meditation and Some of my History
1930's fabric, completed (?) 1950's

So, my mom enrolled me in a quilting class with her at a local fabric shop (which is now closed! The horror!), and I sewed up my first quilt!
My first quilt, 2006
I learned so much from that class. And I have leaned so much since then. I attempted 1 shirt and 2 dresses for me, 2 dresses for a friend and felt that I failed miserably. Here was one I wore to a friends wedding.

B4919 Butterick *affiliate* retro '52 sewn in 2007
Then I sewed up Nikolai's Quilt and then the 2012 Craftsy BOM, Not to mention the numerous clothes I have sewn up since November when I really starting sewing clothes again.

I love sewing clothes for my kids. I love that I can make them something that is purposeful.

I even have branched out to bags! And those are so fun!

But really, I love the sound of the machine. I love the listening to it whir. I get lost in creation, in the noise and the focus that it takes to take pieces of fabric and turn it into something amazing! I find it incredible relaxing and an amazing stress reliever.

I discovered these last few months that I almost need to sew. I was sick a few months back, the kids were sick and I wasn't able to take the time behind my machine with my foot on the petal to listen to the mechanical workings of the cam and gears. I was lost. I was stressed. I was pent up and frustrated. Once I was able to sew I relaxed and felt calmer. It was amazing.

Why do I sew? To relax, to calm down. It is my meditation.

Why do you sew/craft/create?

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