Monday, November 24, 2014

A Bag for MOPs: Dorian Messenger: Swoon Sewing Patterns {Pattern Review}

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I signed up volunteered to be a Discussion Group Leader for my local MOPs group.

Wait.. Me? I volunteered for leadership?

Ha! Yes. I did. And I needed something to carry around my DGL binder, small notebook, planner, wallet, keys and a water bottle (lets face it, that is a necessity in the desert). Totally the crafty mentality, right?

Anyway. It needed to be perfect and fit the theme, because I am a dork that way. The theme for this year is Be You Bravely and the logo is a feather. The feather symbolizes the bravery, courage and hope that come with motherhood. I love it. I love the feather, love the logo; love it.

Of course, I needed to play up the feather and found this awesome Feather Paper Pieced Pattern from Shape Moth and thought it looked awesome!

I asked the question to some of the fabulous ladies in some of the sewing groups online and they suggested the Dorian Messenger by Swoon Sewing Patterns (affiliate link). I thought it was perfect to display at least one of the feathers from Shape Moth. And, it was! I love the hodge podge of fabrics bravely placed together to create this messenger bag to use for MOPs meetings. :)

Look at that space. Gotta love my use of scrap fabric choices... Lol....

Two pockets in front, another set inside and a zipper in the back make it perfect. You can customize with extra pockets on the inside easily by adding another pocket panel and I almost added a zipper to the flap. It gives directions for 3 different closure options. I used magnetic snaps.

The only thing it needs now is the strap! How I'm going to attach it, no idea...

The directions are clear, easy to follow. I really enjoy her patterns. Swoon Sewing Patterns (affiliate link) always turn out awesome.

Happy Sewing!

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