Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Arizona Mug Rug: A Paper Piecing Tutorial

You've probably seen my Arizona Mug Rug here and here, and you can buy the paper piecing pattern on craftsy. Here I'm giving directions on how to assemble paper piecing patterns using my Arizona Flag Mug Rug.

Print patterns according to directions, in this case without any scaling. Make sure the 1" test box is 1". I print them on paper that works really for paper piecing, this is it from Amazon! Love this stuff! Foundation Piecing Paper (affiliate)

Cut out all pieces.

Then I take and fold on the lines... This makes trimming the fabric once sewed, and matching the fabric piece to the space a little easier too.

Match up the size of fabric to the space starting with the numbered 1 space. I think of it like a quilt-by-number as-you-go method, but on paper instead of batting.

Make sure you leave enough room for seam allowance.

I use a spot of glue, like this glue Elmer's Disappearing Purple School Glue Sticks (affiliate), to hold down the first piece of fabric as I start. wrong side of the fabric to the back of the paper.

Then take your 2nd piece of fabric (making sure it's big enough) and line it up on top of your first piece, right sides together. using a short stitch length, sew along the line of the paper fabric down so you could see the lines.

Lining up D+C...

Open up your fabric and it should cover the second space plus seam allowance. Trim down for the next piece leaving a 1/4" - 1/2" seam allowance.

Continue for each piece and shape and then trim down to the final paper size and shape.

then sew together as instructed by pattern. In this case:

Bottom parts A + B, then tear away paper

Top first E+F & D+C then EF + DC .. tear away paper 

Last top + bottom

I pinned to make sure the star came out.

Square it off, sandwich with batting and backing then quilt and bind!

You now have a fun new rug mug for your morning coffee or tea!

Don't forget to give this a try using my pattern that you can buy on craftsy !

Happy sewing!

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