Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sunday Lately {week 66}

I've missed the last few weeks of this and I actually do kind of miss it!
This weeks prompts are: Planning, Loving, Reading, Wishing, Feeling.


I have nothing planned. I forgo planning at this point and am taking every day, one day at a time, one hour at a time. I can't plan. It goes to pot once I plan something. And, I'm lucky enough to feel like even getting dressed most days. I wanted to get the coffee going at around 5/6 am so that way I could get my day started, but even that went down the drain. My birthday is in a month and I usually start planning for those about now. I am so tired, the house is a mess and I don't feel like cleaning, and I don't even know if the husband feels like hosting either. But I miss having get together's with friends. A long time ago, before kids, we used to host once a month pot-luck BBQ. I miss having friends over. I miss those night-time s'mores. It just takes a lot of planning to do and I don't know if I am up for it. To tired. I guess I should figure out what to do for my birthday!


I joined in on a 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge hosted by Simple Green Smoothies a while back and jumped back into it for this months green smoothie challenge. I love the green smoothies. Who would have thought that Kale, Spinach, Romaine, and even Brussel Sprouts would taste good in a smoothie? I mean Brussel Sprouts! I was out of leafy greens and had some of those so decided to use that and hey, it worked out pretty well! I had a hard time and was discouraged with them in January because most recipes have citrus fruits, and well by golly gee whiz, if I aren't allergic to every citrus fruit out there! But I found this nifty handy dandy substitution list here and it inspired my to try more fruits in the smoothies besides apples, pears and bananas. 
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What is currently on my kindle is In the Shadow of the Banyan By Vaddey Ratner. It's taking me some work reading it and I think it might be a good start for practicing a rubric... I'm enjoying reading it though it is taking some work for me. I love the imagery in the book, but it's a little much for me. Which may be why it's taking me a while to read through it. I also have Boys in the Boat by Daniel Brown ready for download from the library. I've got 2 days left to download it and I want to be more than half way done with Ratner's book before I download the other one. I'd rather have the middle grade version of Brown's book, which I am still on hold for.

I haven't been doing a whole lot of reading since I have been to dog tired during those late night feedings. This week has been tough, no sleep, stress, and goodness knows what else has been going through my mind.

I really just want need to sew something!

The baby and I do tummy almost every morning once she is up-up for a couple hours. For the last few mornings she had been trying to roll over but getting caught up on her elbow. It was only a matter of time before she figured it out. I wishing she hold off until the weekend so her daddy could see her roll over for the first time (since I saw the other two do it) and she waited! Granted we both missed the first and second times she did rolled over. But, she can move from stomach to back! So exciting!


Stressed and maybe a little depressed. I'm gonna go on ahead and blame this one on lack of sleep...
I've been super stressed. And it also means I haven't been eating... Honestly it's almost 3 and so far all I've had is 2 cups of coffee and a tuna sandwich. At least I got in the tuna sandwich...

A friend posted this on facebook, and for me it's too true! When I do actually sit down to eat, I gorge. Of course, that means once a day when I am stressed. I know that's not a good thing. I started counting calories, looking at the different types of foods I eat, and establishing a baseline, all last week. I want to improve my eating habits, not diet. But after becoming super stressed out, it really isn't that great of a baseline. Eh, baseline for stressed out me. Now I know what to watch for. I guess I could let close friends know too, so they can give me a swift kick in the rear when I start getting this way... If it weren't for the green smoothies, I might not eat during the day at all until dinner! 

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This job of being a mommy with a new baby seems a lot harder than I remember. Unless that's just because I got two already running around.

Linking up, and hope y'all have a fantastic week!