Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fun with Colors {watercolor crayon resist}

So, since my Virtual Book Club For Kids post on Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Nikolai has been totally into learning colors and playing with them. More specifically... paint...


So, I've been wanting to do crayon resist with watercolor for some time now and had the perfect opportunity to do it. We are going to celebrate my niece and nephews birthdays on Sunday. I found this awesome idea to turn kids artwork into greeting cards on pinterest. Perfect!

I am really excited how they turned out. Super Cute! Watercolor crayon resist greeting cards...

I drew shapes on a 12"x12" paper first (using crayon) using a stencil. From there we decided to write the names of Nikolai's cousins in two of them. My original intention was to have those as the cover of the cards. But I think the name on the envelope turned out so much better! We did hand-over-hand with the names and the 'designs' in the oval and the heart. If you wish to do this, make sure you press hard enough with the crayon if you really want the resist. Or double back over the shapes. It turns out really cool with white crayons and our white has sparkles. :)

Then, you paint!

Nikolai loved it! And, he did an excellent job. I just monitored mess and he did the rest! :)

Then I cut out the shapes. Nikolai practiced cutting on scraps with safety scissors. He is getting better, and that is a bit scary! ;) Nikolai also helped put glue on the back when we were ready, and he needed to give the approval of placement. :)

We read some books about painting, these are two that we have here at home.