Saturday, September 7, 2013

Purse - Camera Bag

So, a while back I bought this nifty green purse from Walmart on clearance with the full intent of using it as a camera bag. My camera bag for the Fuji-film point-and-shoot was just too small for the Samsung.

I usually am one of those people that has a purpose for things like that, but rarely follows through. I am trying to follow through more.

Most people suggest to use a full yard of fabric... I did not use a full yard of fabric, maybe closer to a half a yard. But I only made 3 dividers, 2 sides and 1 bottom piece. I have extra fabric and foam to make more inserts if I need but I don't think they will fit. I think thinner foam for the dividers would be easier than cushion foam.

I used styrofoam used for boxing up the stand alone a/c units and chair cushion foam because that is what we had. I am all about using what you have, and why we saved the styrofoam, I have no idea, but might as well use it if we have it. I cut out the pieces then tested to see if they fit, then trimmed again...

I measured and cut about 1" more than the length and width of the foam pieces on all sides of the fabric and gave about a 1/2-3/4" seam allowance. On the dividers I cut an extra 2" on the sides where the velcro was going to go.

I used iron on velcro, make sure you follow directions. I didn't mess anything up, but it turned out that you need to iron front and back. It just took a while. I sewed the velcro on the dividers after sewing the two pieces together, but before inserting the foam and closing the sleeve (I forgot to take pictures of this)...

Make sure when you sew the fabric to leave an opening. It is easier to leave an opening in the longer side than the shorter side. Trust me.

I am really satisfied with how it turned out. It serves its purpose and I think it is pretty. :) 

My wallet has to lay on top because the bottom piece spans the entire bottom... Not very well planned out I guess... But it is meant more for the camera than anything else.  And, it is still pretty. :)

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