Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nikolai is 2 Months Old!!!

Wow! Already? It seems I just did a post for 1 month!

Brandon and I left him with my dad yesterday to go to the Auld Dubliner to celebrate Mike's 30th birthday. We were so excited to be able to go out, just the two of us! 

It was weird leaving the house without Nikolai. To us it wasn't necessarily hard, but more that we were forgetting something. When it has been the two of us, it was always the three of us. So this just seemed a little off. We were not concerned about the well-being of Nikolai, we new that he was in good hands and safe. On our way home, we talked about it a little, did we think about whether or not he was ok while we were away? No, but we did think about how my dad was handling it. That is a little silly, he was fine and totally enjoyed himself! Does it make us bad parents that we didn't find it difficult to leave Nikolai? Or that we weren't really concerned with his well-being while we were gone? If there was something bad, Dad would have called us, so we left our ringers on...

I have to go in to work on Thursday. I am going to be gone for 8 hours (including drive time) and perhaps it may be more difficult then to leave him. 

Nikolai is now sleeping all the way through the night, consistently. Last night (we got home around 11:30) we decided to stay up a little later, and enjoy time together (Brandon and I) and officially put Nikolai to sleep when we went to bed around 1 am. I first woke up at 5 am and was sore, I needed to pump! Then went back to sleep about an hour later. I woke up the second time around noon (I must have been exhausted!) and Nikolai was already awake. I am assuming he had just woken up a little before me because then he started to cry. He was only up for an hour and went back to sleep!

We had played tummy time for that hour almost, aside from feeding and diaper change. But I can tell when he gets sleepy because his eyebrows turn red. That happens before his eyelids start to go pink and red. It is like a warning sign, "I am getting sleepy and am going to start fussing soon," it is funny!

I still don't know the difference between cries. I can't tell the 'I am hungry' cry from the 'I need a diaper change' cry. I know the 'I just need to cry' cry because there is no urgency to it. At least the other cry's have urgency, the arms go wild, the cry's come out fast, long and hard. Both though have tears... It is just a matter of troubleshooting I guess... Maybe we will figure it out... Eventually...

And, he has started to suck his thumb! Nooooo! Each time he starts, we pull it out. At least that is when we see it. Sometimes, instead of sucking, he chews on it. Perhaps we need to get the teether rings out? But, he wont hold on to them though. Oh well... It is still cute! Just hopefully he does not make a habit out of it...

On another note, Brandon and My anniversary is coming up! In almost 3 weeks! Brandon told me already what it is he is getting me! The Walther P22 pistol! (really I will be making the purchase, he will just take me there...) Hopefully they have the brushed one. It is pretty. And it is something that I can practice with before getting the .380. That is if we ever get that one... Second Amendment Sports is having a 'no tax' sale the 3rd through the 5th. I'm excited because it fits my hand perfectly! :)

Here are the rest of my favorites from playing with my camera and taking 2 month pics of Nikolai (13 total). All of the rest of them can be found at the photo albums in the sidebar... :)