Monday, August 27, 2012

A Nice Little Reminder...

A few weekends ago, I was so stressed. It was the beginning of school and I trying to figure out about converting my provisional teaching certificate into a regular one (I have just been calling it a real one). I was trying to find out about what I needed to convert it into a real one. Of course that is a story all on it's own...
I was trying to get Nikolai to eat his breakfast. He was doing (and sometimes still does) this thing where he gives you the fork and says help please. He was eating a waffle and doing such a wonderful job. I was getting a little flustered when him asking for help began. I was trying to get stuff ready for something though at this point I cannot remember what. And, was doing a fine job by himself!
I had just put some of the waffle on his fork, how could he have been ready for more? I walk into the room, with him practically pulling me and look down at his plate. Of course he did not have his fork with him. On his plate was his fork with a piece of the waffle. He had not even had a bite! I picked him up (he was asking to be picked up) and asked him if he wanted more waffle to which he replied, yes. Being exasperated, I grunted.
Nikolai just looked at me like, what did I do? The concern on his face seemed more for me than for himself. Then he smiled. Then he started his little giggle. I could not help but laugh too. All of that because of a silly little piece of waffle?
They are a wonderful reminder, things do not need to be so serious all of the time. So much of their learning is through play. Sometimes, we need to remember to play a little too. :)

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