Friday, August 24, 2012

Alphabet Flash Cards

I have so much that I need to share, and it is probably going to take me more than all weekend to get it all out. Not too much special stuff going on right at this moment, but everything that has to do with little man is always special! :)

I love my cricut, and I love pinterest, and I love this idea that I found from them, via cricut. :) I would share with you the link, but I cannot seem to find it... :(
They were these flash cards for numbers with Elmo and cute sesame street characters. Nikolai LOVES Elmo. He asks for it every day (which gets a little annoying) and he LOVES Grover. But, sadly I do not have a cricut cartridge that has Elmo or any other Sesame Street character on it, so I had to improvise.
If you remember for his 1st birthday cake I got the create a critter cartridge to do the decorations with. Well, since Nikolai loves his animals, it only makes sense to use that to make alphabet cards using those. And, to add to it, Nikolai seems to enjoy them! He can say sun now. :) He probably could have sad that before, but he can sure say it now. And he will say 'o', but not with the letter 'o'. I think he finds it funny and just copies.
Nikolai has been copying us when we say the letter, sound and word that goes with the picture, so they are definitely doing something. I just need to finish the 'X' card, but I am a little bit of a loss with that one yet. I don't have much options with the images on the cartridge. I could do a fox, but I will have to think about it. Even the quail was a combination of the bird#2 and the turkey. But it turned out pretty good.

I am glad Brandon got me the Laminator for my birthday a few years ago. It has come in great handy (the menu planner on our fridge, my cleaning checklist, and the babysitter notes page). And, now these. I figure it makes them more durable and Nikolai can trace the letters with a dry erase marker later when his motor skills have improved more. But until then we will just work on recognizing them and saying their sounds. :)

I am just glad I actually have finally finished them. I was going to start them with Meghan the one day she was over, but with tired kids and lunchtime, it didn't get started. Just an x and that is it! :)  I also found these pretty nifty free printable alphabet flashcards from (in case you don't have a cricut) and they are still super cute. The website is pretty fun too. If anything, they can help spawn some of your own ideas.

I still have shapes and numbers planned to do too, just when I have time. :)

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