Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Crazy but Fun weekend!

My goodness, it seemed non-stop go-go-go this weekend! It was fantastic though! I think Nikolai enjoyed himself, I know I enjoyed myself, and Brandon passed out on the floor around 6:30 so he must've had fun!
Nikolai and I had to take an impromptu visit to the zoo on Friday. Though I was not fully prepared to spend a ton of time there (we usually do), we at least had to walk through. Our membership cards were returned because the zip code on the mailing was wrong. Weird, I was pretty darn sure I wrote it down right, but the zip wasn't anything close to our current one, nor was it anything close to our old one. I have no idea where the numbers came from!
Saturday was the Sew-In with some of the members of the Tucson Modern Quilt Guild! I had a blast! 4 hours of time with my machine, and fellow sewists in a beautiful quilt shop! Fantastic! Sure, I only got about 3 blocks done for the Jelly Roll (read about it here, here, and here) quilt I started... I wont even say... But I still had an amazing time! I even got the motivation to search out my iron, hook up my machine at home and chug away a little more. I got another 2 blocks done today! Yay!
We hadn't been to 2nd Saturday downtown in a while and decided it would be fun to go. We couldn't find a certain meat stand that was there the last time, but we did have a nice dinner (even with a 2 year old!) at a Thai place. The food was pretty good, the water tasted interesting, and the tea really hit the spot! We had to take a picture of the lights later. We were on our way back to the car and thought it looked pretty cool! I also ran into an old friend from High School. That was crazy!

Even though today had been a little bit of sewing, it still seemed busy. We had corned beef and cabbage for dinner but in the crock pot instead. I don't care who you are, it just not turn out the same in the crock pot and I new better... Oh well... Brandon let me sleep in (hurray for my one day of late morning rising!) and later went to finish up a carburetor. We got a quad as payment. Fun? We will see...

Since you've seen this, you probably noticed the poll on the top of the sidebar. We kind of narrowed down some name choices for Baby Girl... Cally, Caireen, Katarina, Morrigan, and Natalya ... They seem to be the ones that we like the best, and who knows if we will even go for any of them! But we decided it would be interesting to get your opinion. :)

I posted the question on Facebook, and so far this was what I got...
Cally - 2
Caireen - 2
Katarina - 1
Morrigan - 2
Natalya - 4

Here is the jelly roll so far... :)

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Now off to bed so I can rest up! Hurrah for AIMs testing this week! I am hoping that it goes fast! :) At least for me it will be a fairly easy week! 28 week appointment with my doctor on Thursday! Then every 2 weeks after that! Hurrah! Third trimester here we come! And, there is an ending in sight!

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