Friday, April 5, 2013

Yummy Cookies!

I am so thankful for Fridays because they start my weekend! Especially lately with feeling super tired every day after work, and the heat is starting to kick in. On Wednesday I swear I put a lot of miles on my shoes just running back and forth trying to keeping things somewhat calm in a crazy 5th grade classroom that had a sub. Substitutes are not good for some of the kiddos on my caseload because of lack of structure and the change. It doesn't help when outside forces add to the behaviors of those kiddos!
So, I am assuming that it was brought on by stress, but that is only an assumption as they are perfectly normal! Braxton hicks started this week. I had one on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Thankfully not yet today. I do not remember them at all with Nikolai, and they seem pretty intense with this one but maybe that is because that is common for pregnancies after the first one.
Today I decided to take it easy! Well, easy as in doing what I want to do rather than unpacking, chores and work that I brought home with me.
I decided to make cookies, chocolate chip cookies! I wound up adding too much butter, so they turned into walnut chocolate chip cookies. The betty crocker bags have been sitting in the cupboard for a few weeks and I have been craving these (hense the reason for their purchase).
After the first batch came out of the oven, Nikolai told me he wanted to give on to cookie monster. We don't have a cookie monster so I asked, "where is the cookie monster, Nikolai?" His response threw me off, as it is not something I expected at all... "In my tummy!" was his reply! Uh oh, I think I have a live in cookie monster! :)
At least he only had one! I wish I had that much control! I think I ate most of the first batch, but at least that craving has been subdued for the time being.

I also wanted to be able to see the fish in the fish tank, so I cleaned (wiped down) 3 of the 4 sides. That is hard work for a 55 gallon tank! I also changed the filter (the water was looking pretty nasty after wiping the 3 sides). Now we can see the babies getting bigger; they look so pretty!

I also managed to get a page done for Nikolai's baby book! Yay! I am so behind on that! I have I think now 5 pages done! Ha! Not bad I guess for him being 2!

26 weeks in, 14 more to go (give or take a couple weeks) for baby girl to be here! And only about 27 work days left for me! I have to say that I am excited for summer, for more than just baby girl being here! I get some time with Nikolai just us before she gets here! :)
Hope that you all are enjoying your Friday and the approaching summer! :)
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  1. Glad you're taking it easy when you can! I think your little cookie monster is clever and adorable!


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