Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Here Are My Hands: Tracing Activity {Virtual Book Club for Kids}

I actually debated a lot about whether to share this one or not. One: it was not a huge hit at our house. Two: we wanted to take it further (meaning Nikolai) and we just for some reason didn't...

But instead I decided that someone might have more fun, and the kids may enjoy this.

We read the latest book we got from the library, "Here Are My Hands" by Bill Martin Jr... Then I traced Nikolai on the paper. He wanted to trace me too... Perhaps we shall still do that, tomorrow is another day! And he wants to trace sister. That ended up being a bomb, she would not stay still and was just overall not happy with that idea! Though, I found it a little humorous! :)

I have that lovely old printer paper. A whole box of it that I got from one of the schools I left back in '08... The box is still mostly full, but what a perfect way to use some of it! 

What you need

  • Paper
  • crayons
  • tape (or some way to hold the papers together if you don't have the old printer paper)

Layout the paper and tape together,

Lay down on paper and trace around them. We do this with hands all the time, but thought it would be fun with his whole body...

We colored and pointed to the different parts of the body as we read. A totally different experience on paper!

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