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The Liebster Award: Nomination for Blogger Recognition

This is such a fun little way to recognize bloggers that we follow or follow us. I would like to thank Ashley over at Little Wife Living the Homestead Life for 'nominating' The Berry Bunch for an award. Ashley has an amazing story and she just started sharing some of her life on her blog. You should go and check it out!

The Berry Bunch: The Liebster Award: Nomination for Blogger Recognition

The rules that have been stated for this award are as follows:
  • acknowledge the blogger who has nominated you and display the award
  • answer the 11 questions the blogger has asked you
  • give 11 random facts about yourself
  • nominate 11 blogs with 200 or less followers
  • let the bloggers know you have nominated them
  • give 11 questions for them to answer
Here are the questions Ashley has asked:
  1. What's fermenting at your home, purposely or not? I think that I am fairly lucky I don't have anything purposelessly fermenting. Though the alcohol that sits in the cupboard above the fridge may be a little overly fermented. We don't drink and it's bottles we have had for a long time (some since before I met Brandon over 7 years ago)... I am currently not purposely fermenting anything.
  2. What is your favorite blog post? This is a tough one for me. I have over 300 posts to pick from! My goodness, I've been doing this for almost 4 years?!? I think I would have to pick two. The Arrival of Samara and Child Birth (Nikolai's story). I pick these because these were 2 of the happiest days of my life. Nothing is better than holding a new born baby in your arms! I am also proud of our labor journey, only no epidural and only pictocin. No too bad for entering with a goal of no drugs.
  3. Who is your biggest role model? I honestly am not sure how to answer this question. I have no one person whom I look up to as my biggest role model. I have fellow sewists whom I look up to for their ability to draft sewing patterns, some for their quilts, friends for their ability to do amazing decorating, crafting... The list goes on and on and it is way to numerous to name them all... I am just thankful to be surrounded by so many talented, inspirational and loving people. :)
  4. What movie do you think should have a sequel? I really want to see them finish the other two books from the His Dark Materials trilogy. I enjoyed the them and The Golden Compass movie was not too bad. I think they should finish them.
  5. What is your ideal job or career? It's funny. If you asked me this question 4-5 years ago I would have told you a teacher. If you asked me this question 8 years ago I would have told you wife and mother. Now, I am both those things. Granted I do not miss teaching and I love being home with my kids. I think that I would like to go back to school to learn photography, sometimes I think business or web programming would be interesting. Psychology is fascinating. Life long learning. I am all about life long learning.
  6. What is your biggest achievement? I feel my babies, the birth story of both, is a pretty big achievement.
  7. What is your favorite quote? Lately it has been Romans 12:12 "Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, and be constant in prayer"
  8. What is your favorite food or recipe? My go to for comfort food is shepherd's pie. I love it. so yummy. My mom used to make this broccoli with beef wellington that was baked in a crescent, but I have not had that in years.
  9. Do you have a daily routine? yes. Nikolai wakes me up and I make him breakfast and myself coffee. I make myself breakfast after Samara wakes up because she eats some of that. when Dinosaur Train comes on, we watch that. then Samara goes down for her morning nap. Nikolai and I read books and do some activities. If Samara still sleeps then I will sew. Samara wakes up and wild kratz comes on, we watch that. we play, eat lunch, then Samara goes back down for a nap and sometimes Nikolai. Then I play on the computer, sew, work on the budget/pay bills, feed the chickens and check for eggs. The kids wake up, and I start cooking dinner and doing dishes. then we get ready for bed, put the kids down. Unwind in front of the tv/computer/sewing machine. I usually go to bed between 11pm-1am and start over the next day around 6/7am.
  10. What would you do if you suddenly won the lottery? Brandon and I have thought about it. We would pay off the house, get a newer (bigger) car, invest to prepare for building the home we want. build a garage for his cars. I would get a long arm.
  11. Who gave you the biggest push to start your blog? I had thought about it when I found out I was pregnant with Nikolai. But it wasn't until I was 5 months with him that I started as a way to document his growth. It spun into life, kids and sewing when he was around 18 months. It wasn't until a friend said I should (she started one) and so I just finally did. I have almost canceled the blog on several occasions because of the lack of readers. But, it's fun and I look forward to posting so I continue! :)
11 Random Facts about me:
  1. My grammar isn't the greatest, but I am not a bad speller. I just can't edit... lol
  2. I am an aesthetic reader, so getting my attention when I am in a book means literally pulling me out of that world.
  3. I am not a morning person, I would much rather sleep until noon and stay up late.
  4. I graduated Summa Cum Laude when I got my bachelor's degree
  5. I have a B.S. for both elementary and special education
  6. I am the oldest of 3, Brandon is the youngest of 3
  7. I originally wanted 4 kids (but think I am gonna stick with 2)
  8. Brandon and I met online, he thought I was an old high school classmate that he found by going through an old friend's myspace page who worked with my best friend... It's actually a funny story. I should share it sometime...
  9. Our first date was at IHop.
  10. I sewed my first pair of clothes when I was 10/11 years old. so I have been sewing for almost 20 years (though not straight through, picked back up with quilting 8 years ago)
  11.  Though my house doesn't show it, I cannot stand messes and need lists to get anything done... even my clothes in my closet are organized by sleeve length, then in color order (and the kids clothes are organized by size to top it off)!!!
It's so hard to pick blogs that I would nominate. I follow so many here on blogger and on bloglovin, and some that I just type in the name, I don't really follow other than that... Hmm.... 

Friends Stitched Together - I found this blog through a sewing group on facebook and have been following since. Check them out! Very Talented and you will here more from them in the next several months! :)

Here are the questions I ask you...

1.   How long have you been sewing?
2.   What kinds of things do you like to sew?
3.   Do you cook, or is that a role taken by your significant other?
4.   What is your favorite recipe?
5.   What is your favorite book?
6.   What is your favorite recipe?
7.   How did you and your significant other meet?
8.   If you could/do grow a garden, what kinds of plants would you have?
9.   If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
10. What is your favorite animal?
11. How do you find time for you?

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