Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Track Your Yells and Work on Stopping {The Orange Rhino}

Ever since I joined in the challenge back in January, I have been working on becoming yell free. It's hard. It is very hard. I am still working on it and I still slip up. More often then I would like to admit...

Like yesterday and today. I had quite a few slip ups. Why? 

  • I wasn't feeling good and just wanted to sleep

  • The computer wasn't working and I had things I *needed* to get done (not really, it could have waited)

  • Truth?     I just didn't want to be bothered
Sad? Yeah, but that is life sometimes. Day in and day out we are a parent. Just doing things we want to do is no longer an option. It makes it harder when all you hear is the same question over and over and over again when you are just trying to think!

I CanNot handle all that Noise!!!

Well, they are just trying to get your attention. They are just responding the way you are showing them to respond...

Hard, I know... Especially when you just want to do things you enjoy, just for you. When you haven't had the opportunity to do those things in several weeks.

The Orange Rhino is such a helpful tool to make those times between yells easier. Like taking the time out to track the yells (head here and scroll to 4)... Honestly, I might not have noticed those three things bulleted above if it weren't for the tracking sheet.

I did so much behavior tracking for the purpose of modification while I was working in special education. Who would have thought to do that for myself? It's amazing what you can find out about yourself. And learning to handle the yells; hold them in, redirect them into a pillow (my personal fave), is something that is going to help them later. I know I don't want my kid to be the kid that yells at there sibling or at their friend on the playground.

I watched a kid throw shoes at my son while on the playground at the park. I have no idea what went on and I know my son is not innocent by any means. I am glad it wasn't my son that through those shoes, I just hope that he doesn't turn into one that will...

I am working on not yelling.

Check out her site. Follow along, take the challenge, and give it a try if you feel you yell too much. You might be surprised what you find out.