Monday, October 13, 2014

2014 Finish-Along: Quarter 4 Goals {2014 FAL Q4}

I missed the last quarter post for listing the finishes. Not that I finished anything! So busy! I have been working on Halloween Costumes. I am determined to get them done before Halloween. 1 down, 3 to go!

So... Here is my goal list for this quarter! Is it sad that I am still carrying over the list? ;)

1. Labyrinth Lap Quilt... I am still debating the backing for this, if I really want to use it...but I have nothing else...

The Berry Bunch: 2014 Finish-A-Long: Labyrinth Lap Quilt

2.  My band shirt memory quilt... Still trying to find backing fabric for this... I would like a large print musical theme but that seems hard to find...

The Berry Bunch: 2014 Finish-A-Long: Band Shirt Memory Quilt

3. This is baby girl's baby shower quilt.  No extra signers. I think it is time to just sew it up. She needs a momma made quilt. 

The Berry Bunch: 2014 Finish-A-Long: Baby Shower Quilt

4. This is my checker-board quilt. It is still hanging on the design wall. It should be an easy sew, right?

The Berry Bunch: 2014 Finish-A-Long: Northcott Stonehenge Chess Quilt

The Berry Bunch: 2014 Finish-A-Long: Northcott Stonehenge Chess Quilt

5. Jelly roll quilt... I still need to fins a good enough yellow... Separate the rows and add in the sashing...

The Berry Bunch: 2014 Finish-A-Long: Jelly Roll Quilt

6. The Dinosaur quilt that was *supposed* to be Little Man's birthday present (last year). I think before his birthday I had one border around it. At least I have started the quilting! Sad thing? He says he is scared of dinosaurs now! Oh no! 

The Berry Bunch: 2014 Finish-Along:Dinosaur Quilt

7. This circle quilt. It was supposed to be for the fabric challenge, but honestly, I know I am not going to be finishing it in time. I seem to sew so slow... But it'll be cool when it is done! I am not sharing what it is going to look like when it is done, but you are more than welcome to guess! ;) I just hope it looks as cool finished as it does in my head! LOL

The Berry Bunch: 2014 Finish-A-long: Circle Quilt

8. These are supposed to be some Peasant Tops pattern by Tie Dye Diva Patterns (affiliate link) for Baby Girl. I was working on them, then got carried away with something else and I hadn't gone back to them and now, sitting in a manilla folder in the craft room. Better finish them before she cannot wear them! 

The Berry Bunch: 2014 Finish Along: Peasant Tops

9. This is going to be Little Man's Going to Grandma's/&or/Grandpa's over night bag. It is going to be the Dorothy Day Tripper by Swoon Sewing Patterns (affiliate links) ... 
10. If I have enough left over I also want to make a Tiny Explorer Backpack by Diedelbug Handmade for him when we go to MOPs meetings, the Zoo, and anything else that seems to fit with learning and fun. ;)

The Berry Bunch: 2014 Finish-Along: Dinosaur Bags

So, for now these are my goals... I seem to keep adding and not subtracting. I also have a bag I am working on, but prefer to keep that secret. I am hoping to finish that soon though! It depends because Brandon said he was going to make the hardware for me! So excited! 

I hope to at least finish the Dino and circle quilt... 

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