Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Read A Book: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo {Book Review}

If you follow organizing blogs/facebook groups and what not, you have probably heard of the KonMari Method. You purge the things that do not spark joy. The goal is to surround yourself with the things that spark joy, and thus are less stressed and can focus on living your life instead of the things that surround you. The book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, is essentially the step by step process of her method. 

I feel like this is almost cheating. I haven't quite applied the know how presented in her book just yet. In fact, I just finished the book! But don't get me wrong. I did start. I did another pass through of my clothes after my initial sweep when setting up my Capsule Wardrobe. and I managed to get 'rid' of a second trash bag amount of clothes. In quotation because they are still sitting on my floor begging to have something done with them, like be turned into clothes for the kids. Or, actually get sent off to GoodWill, which the closest is 22 miles from me. That's a long drive. 

The Method
As I was going through my clothes, my husband kept looking at me like I was crazy. I was talking out loud the process of asking myself "does this make me happy?" I knew what did and what did not. Some things I wasn't so sure about, but this is the process for the book. Why bother, right? How weird. But, I am happier with my clothes that are in my closet than I was before. I feel like the clothes on my floor (that have yet to get taken away) are sad because they have gone so long being unworn. 

But it's more than just clothes. It is everything. She has a list of what items work best in the process of what to go through first, then the rest of the items typically stored in the house. People have created printables for this method even. like this one here...

It seems silly at first. I still feel silly. But I knew, as I was going through my books what brought me joy and what did not. I shouldn't have. It leads to regression, and whatever other reasons you are supposed to stick with the list. But clothes were hard for me because of the repurpose upcycling that I do for the kids. I needed to try somewhere else less sentimental. I put stuff back on the bookcase because the kids asked to read them (not the point!), but I could have cut my books by half had I just done the joy thing and not given another thought to it!

The Author
At first, the book was hard to read. It almost felt like so much background information was given and repeated in the beginning that it nearly dragged. But at the same time you form a connection with the author that would not have taken place otherwise. She comes off as crazy. She even says towards the end that she is eccentric! But what she says makes sense. 

Some Ah-Ha Moments
The basic part of it: The purpose of the item is to be used as it was meant to be used. Clothes to be worn, books to be read, etc. If they are not being worn or being read they are not being used as they were meant to be. Why keep them if someone else may enjoy them or use them as they were meant to be used? There is no point in keeping something just to keep it. It defeats the items purpose.

The two main things that keep us from getting rid of something that does not make us happy are these: 1. We are attached to the past (living in the past) or 2. We are afraid of the future. I have found this to be so true! I miss the way things were in the past and don't want to get rid of something because of that (like a broken chevron car from my grandfather who recently passed away) or afraid of the future (if I get rid of clothes, what will I have to make the clothes for the kids? My budget is based on being able to make things with what I already have).

Everyone needs their own space, their own sanctuary. A place to call their own. 

You can only make the decisions regarding your own things, you cannot decide what brings joy for others

Confused about still
I need to really experience the purging fully to really grasp this part. That all those organizing tools out there are not going to work. They do not address the problem of too much unnecessary stuff. 

I need a video to see what she means for folding clothes and socks.

How to go about doing this with kids. They get into everything as I am working on them. It is not helpful and makes it harder.

Once you go through this you have found the magic click for what works for you and the clutter wont come back.

I know it is going to take me a few more passes over the clothes to really get the hang of it.

What do you think?
Have you read the book or heard of the method? I would love to hear your opinion! 

Are you looking to start a purge of items, or organize your house more? Are there things that you have tried but the clutter keeps coming back? Does this sound like something that would be interesting to look into?

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