Thursday, August 6, 2015

Polka Dot Peplum: Pattern Release and Sale {GYCT Designs}

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A while back I tested this super cute Polka Dot Peplum top for GYCT Designs. It was originally released for DIY Crush and I waiting until it was over at the GYCT Designs website to share with you. Stay tuned, there is some more info (discount!!!) to share about the shop! :D

Why did I wait? It is a gift for a little girl who was born 2 days ago and I didn't want to give it away before it was gifted. It'll probably be a while until the current owner can wear it as she is super tiny (and super duper adorable!!!) Paired with some cute leggings? How will I stand the cuteness!!!

The size is 6 months (on my super tiny 2 year old) and it is super cute! She is growing like a weed right now, so I am waiting a bit before I sew her up some more! It was a little short, but don't worry. my child is just long and skinny and it needs to be perfect for my friends daughter! (pictured with the Love Me Knot Shorts) Too bad this little thing has to be so long and skinny! It makes things difficult... I am guessing no more pattern testing for me. :( Not until she evens out a little bit. The boy is the same way though!

I love the button down in the back and the sleeves. My little girly girl loves it too. I had to hide the shirt before getting it into the gift bag for my friend!

I love the binding and the little puff on the sleeves!

I cannot wait for this little thing to finish her growth spurt (though I wont mind if it keeps up at least a little longer)! I can make her another one!

An extra bonus? The patterns over at GYCT Designs is having a sale for back to school! Use code "BACK2SCHOOL" at checkout to receive 25% discount from now until August 15th! How awesome! Head over there and check it out!

Happy Sewing!

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