Thursday, January 14, 2016

Living Intentionally: My Planner Set Up

My New Year Resolution is getting my life organized for living intentionally. You can read about that here! I shared my brainstorming start to setting up a planner with some resources that I was using to help me get the set up going, here. And after some searching for printable options and reviewing the cost of buying pages for my planner, I decided it would be much easier to make my own that buy. I also said, in that post, I was going to share my set up once I got it figured out. So here I am sharing my set up with you!

Living Intentionally: My Planner Set Up: The Berry Bunch

The Binder
I am using a Compact Franklin Covey binder I had purchased from Target about 10 years ago when I went back to college. I was lucky I found it during the books/paper KonMari Purge. I found it with my day timer, which was sadly falling apart. So I purged the day timer and kept my Franklin Covey.

I still love the color of the binder. Brown and pink go so nicely together. The front has a pocket, but I haven't used that yet.

Living Intentionally: My Planner Set Up: The Berry Bunch

The size of it works for about 2-3 months of daily sheets at a time. Other than that, it would be too full. HA!

Living Intentionally: My Planner Set Up: The Berry Bunch

The front is supposed to be a card holder, but the glue has worn a little. It makes a great place to put my pens. I'm surprised how quickly my brain accepted the color coding per person! Plus it makes it easier to fit the highlighters in the little zip pocket I have in the back.

I love it so far. The compact sizing of it makes it hard for pages though. I could not really find any printables for the size (probably because it's just an odd sizing). 4.25x6.75 isn't an even ratio of your typical 8.5 x 11 paper size. It took multiple printings of free versions for me to decide to make my own.

The Set-Up & Organization
I have it divided into sections.

Living Intentionally: My Planner Set Up: The Berry Bunch

In the front Is the yearly and monthly calendars. I found them for free from Scattered Squirrel. I also keep my list of birthdays and anniversaries on a sheet in the current month (I want to start sending cards).

Living Intentionally: My Planner Set Up: The Berry Bunch

Then I have
Tasks - Weekly docket and daily pages (2-3 months at a time). I had originally tried a 2 page daily spread but it was too much. So I took from each page what I liked and put it on 1 sheet. It uses less paper that way. It took me a while to figure out printing too. I print the pages on the booklet setting and it works great for the order I want it in and printing front and back (which my printer does on it's own, it's awesome!)

Living Intentionally: My Planner Set Up: The Berry Bunch

Weekly docket I use to fill in general to do's for the week, appointments and things I don't want to forget when doing my daily planning. So far I almost forgot an event and was able to not miss it because it was there! I was so excited!
The parts are:

  • Daily slots for events
  • To do's
  • Phone Calls/emails
  • appointments
  • Goals
  • Blog

Parts of the daily sheets:

  • timed spots for the day
  • water tracker and daily meals
  • House keeping
  • Blog/sewing
  • goals
  • family
  • to do
  • notes

Personal - I have tabs from my day timer I kept and use for this. In the front is my debt tracker. It is a goal for the year! It is top priority so goes first! I have my budget binder That houses the rest of the financial stuff. I have sections for:

Living Intentionally: My Planner Set Up: The Berry Bunch

  • Reading - I keep track of suggested books, books chosen for book club, and the books for the BookRiot Reading challenge.
Living Intentionally: My Planner Set Up: The Berry Bunch

  • Blog Planning - I had a separate binder for this, but didn't use it. Here I can include blog posts in the calendar and turn to this section for post planning, and I have created a sheet for tour planning, notes and brainstorming ideas (this post would have happened sooner had I not been sick all weekend)
Living Intentionally: My Planner Set Up: The Berry Bunch

  • Menu planning - still a work in progress. I might put dinner ideas here, but I am thinking a separate binder with my cookbooks of favorite meals will help keep this planner from becoming overstuffed!
  • Party Planning - I have my printables that I am going to condense into compact sizing to use here for birthdays
  • Holiday Planning - Halloween Costume Planning, Thanksgiving, Christmas. Those go here.
  • Sewing - I have created a smaller size to my measurement tracker sheet and have that here. I am including project sheets here too from my Boys and Girls capsule planners.
Living Intentionally: My Planner Set Up: The Berry Bunch

I'm thinking of changing/adding the Konmari Checklist somewhere in here too...

Goals - I have my Goals and resolutions in this section. I have my list of goals, and then breakdown of each goal listed in order with long term and short term deadlines. I refer to this when filling out the monthly, weekly and daily sheets that are in the front.

Living Intentionally: My Planner Set Up: The Berry Bunch

Addresses - I have misplaced addresses, or discarded random papers (party planning) that had addresses on them and I needed them in one spot, easy enough to update when needed and accessible when planning events and get togethers; or just sending invites and cards. 

I use a photo/card holder for appointment cards and a pocket for highlighters and a pencil.

Living Intentionally: My Planner Set Up: The Berry Bunch

So Far
I love it! I have been using it for several days and it has helped so much! It fits perfectly in my Ethel! I used to carry just a clutch/handbag, but now I have reason to carry her and I have to say I feel better about my day. At home it sits open on the table and I can refer to it/check off items/adjust as needed. 
I have everything in one place and I love that. It makes things easier that way, and the color coding is awesome as I can see it from a glance. I have MOPS, Quilt Guild, the blog, appointments, everything. Seriously, so exciting. I understand why people become addicted to their planners! 

Now for the next step in my Living Intentionally goals, to just work on scheduling in those days for personal and family time. I went to book club this month and Husband said he needed to start scheduling stuff with his friends too. I told him he should! I think it might start to become easier to schedule in a set date night too... That is if we can ever get anyone to watch the kids! Ha!

I have noticed that it helps with cleaning out my purse every day too. In the KonMari book, she mentions to empty your bag at home. Granted I don't have a station to put the stuff (yet), but taking out the planner pushes me to take out everything else too.

I'm Curious
How do you organize your time, if you do? What planner do you use?
Have you thought of getting a planner, or tried it and it didn't work?