Monday, March 7, 2016

Sunday Lately {week 62}

I'm loving these Sunday Lately posts. I missed this yesterday so I am a day late! I know everything has been about baby lately. But she is our whole world right now, as babies should be! :)


We have been watching a lot of TV and this has the extent of what we have been doing for the last couple weeks. I sit on the rocking chair and the kids sit on the couch or the floor. Of course, they really aren't watching the tv, but at least they are staying in the room. The kids have been making insane messes while I am nursing the baby and at least with the tv on they are keeping the mess in the tv room.

At the moment, PBS has an info-mercial on about changing out junk food to healthier options... I am honestly considering buying the book "From Junk Food to Joy Food" by Joy Bauer. Really!?! I am usually so good about not even looking into these things, but the library doesn't have it and the Husband does often complain the food we eat isn't healthy... At least I can suggest the library get the book...

Speaking of which, I am going to request them to get one I would really like to read for the BookRiot Read Harder Challenge for the politcal option. Let Us Water the Flowers: The Memoir of a Political Prisoner in Iran It's a memior of a political prisoner in Iran. It sounds really interesting!


I am appreciating my husband so much these last several weeks. Things have been crazy and the baby nurses at the end of the day like she doesn't get fed at all. This makes it really hard to make sure dinner is done at a decent time of what we were used to before she got here. Even though dinner has been happening a lot later, Husband has been great about it, helping cook and make sure dinner gets done even if it is a lot later than we were used to. I know he is tired from a really long day at work and he helps me out without complaining (too much at least). 

I have to say, I also appreciate frozen foods! They are so easy to heat up for lunches for the kids! It makes lunch time so much easier! I'm still not for standing for a long duration of time. Dinosaur chickens, taquitos, corn dogs... these have all been a lifesaver for me during lunch time. 


I am not much of a designer and spending most of my time on the couch doesn't let me do to much... I did take a look at the alphabet pieces I want to turn into a paper pieced quilt.  But since the program is on the computer which no longer accesses the internet and needs to be plugged in during the entire duration it is on and running (not to mention it heats up pretty quick)... I haven't really touched it beyond looking. I can't even remember how I got it into a pdf file from the program I have. Perhaps it is something I should look into working on during those moments I am confined to sitting in the chair nursing... But then it's hard to do with only one hand...


The kids watched Sleeping Beauty a few days ago, which was one of my favorite Disney movies growing up, and I have been humming the music since. I was standing at my brother's place, doing the rocking standing bounce thing with the baby, and I could not stop humming the music! 


I have no expectations for my day to day. I'm living day by day, moment by moment right now. I expect my kids to take a nap. But honestly, naps haven't been happening lately. As long as we survive the day, that is all that matters at this point.

I am waiting for my little guy to start kindergarten in about 4 months! Eek! I am super excited about kindergarten! I need to continue working on his letters, letter sounds and other preschool things since we didn't go to preschool. The miscarriage in Sept 2014 and the pregnancy with baby kind of limited the amount of homeschool we were doing here. I was too exhausted and emotional to be objective with his learning. He is amazing with what he can do, there isn't too much to fill in before kindergarten starts. I think at this point we will just work from a workbook he got for his birthday! Yay! I know he is super stoked too!

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