Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday Lately {week 63}

Welcome to Sunday lately! Given 5 prompts: just write, brain dump, update...
This weeks prompts are: Creating, Finding, Switching, Forgetting, Craving

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I was looking at my goals for the year and my scheduled posts that I have started drafting and I need to finish some of those finish-a-long UFO (unfinished objects)... 
Here are those goals... 2016 FinishALong Quarter 1 Goals

I only have a couple weeks left and some of them are almost done! Well, the top to two of them is pieced, it's most of the work done right there.

Sewing is something that does not happen often for me though, lately.


Finding... Time. Still working on that one. The kids in the district are on Spring Break and so with MOPS and our bible study we are taking a break too. it would give a little more time to do thing. I have a lot I want to do this week. I really want to start getting the room ready to move the baby into it and out of ours.

I want to focus on husband too. We lost his grandma yesterday. We got to sing Happy Birthday, and she had family with her. I love my family and I just hope they feel at peace. 

We have to find a sitter for Thursday too! We are celebrating 7 years married and 9 years together! We still have no idea where to go. We will be bringing the baby as she has not received a bottle as of yet. 

We did find time to get the kids to the Tucson Festival of Books this weekend which I think they might have needed giving the crazyness of what was going on. I'm glad we got to spend time with family and sing her happy birthday before she left us. But, it's hard on the kids when you have to sit, be calm and be quiet. Of course I didn't think to take pictures until we left (minus the one of little man throwing a "I'm Tired" fit. But, I don't need to share that with you...

I think I need to start setting the coffee pot for delayed brewing in the morning and grab a cup during the last feeding of the baby before the kids wake up... I need to start getting my day going so I can get things done. So far I haven't really accomplished much. I need to start switching my brain on the morning. 

This last week I ended up turning in some books to the library super late just because by the time I got up and moving it was time for the kids to take a nap. Once the kids wake up from nap, it's time to start getting dinner and other things ready. My house is an utter mess and it is starting to drive me crazy. I think, maybe if I can get my brain running in the morning I might be able to accomplish more during the day...


So far, I think it's been about 3 days total this week, I have forgotten to put beans on the stove to soak in the morning for tacos. Today I have forgotten to do this yet again! It doesn't help that I wasn't fully up this morning until after 9 am. Beans need to start soaking before 9 in the morning. I didn't really start functioning until almost 11 am. I completely missed the boat by the time I even thought about putting the beans on the stove at 1pm. And now I have completely missed the day since it is already after 3. At least the kids ate lunch! Sure it might have been leftovers from the weekend. But hey! That counts. I was suffering a headache borderline migraine this morning too and now am just tired. Coffee only does so much when you are running off of around 4 hours of sleep. No wonder my brain isn't working. I need to start going to bed when the baby goes down at night. She gets 5 hours first thing (sure from about 8pm - 1am)... I just need to start getting the older 2 ready earlier, which means dinner needs to be done earlier. I guess I should start my prep now... Maybe I might be done at a decent time to get us all to bed earlier... Now, I'm rambling...


I was hoping my chocolate and soda cravings would go away after the little one arrived... But it's just gotten worse! I need to stay away from the carbonation (even the mineral water) as it affects her stomach in a bad way... Horrible spit up, bad gas that makes her super cranky...

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I'm so tired and ready for a nap...

Until next time,