Thursday, July 21, 2016

Sew 20: Desert Island Sew: Blog Tour

Welcome to my stop on the Desert Island Sew tour by with Sew 20!

The prompt on this one had me thinking!
Pretend you will be spending a few weeks alone on a desert island. You will only be allowed one sewing pattern but no limits on project supplies. What pattern would you take?

I actually had a hard time with this and debated between the Love Notions Willow Wrap Dress because I love the one I made after my daughter was born in February! Using a shorter sleeve option would be nice and I love the feel of the dress!

Then I thought about going with the GreenStyle Creations Centerfield Raglan. This is my all time favorite shirt for me, used so many times! And it is something I would wear when I got back from said time on the desert island.

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I would love a drop waist dress with this and a tutu skirt. Ah, to play dress up!

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Plus there are some modifications that I have been wanting to try using this as the basic starting point of the pattern, that only 2 weeks away from the kids would grant to the time to attempt!

I want to crop the sleeves to make a sleeveless look and hem or bind the underarm. Or forgo the sleeves and finagle a binding thing with buttons at the back, extend the bodice and add a circle, or half circle skirt....

Oh, the options are endless!!!

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